New California Focaccias are a reason to dine at California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen new menu, photo provided by California Pizza Kitchen,
California Pizza Kitchen new menu, photo provided by California Pizza Kitchen, /

Another menu innovation has come to California Pizza Kitchen. With the new California Focaccias, guests have an excuse to have pizza for dinner more than once a week. Bursting with seasonal flavors, it can be hard to choose only one. Maybe it is a good idea to bring a friend and try all three.

Pizza is many people’s favorite food, but not all pizza is the same. Sure, that classic pepperoni pizza will always be in food fashion, but sometimes people want something different.

As seasons change, enjoying the bounty from the garden seems to offer the most exquisite flavor. Using pizza as a vehicle to savor all those flavors is a delicious option.

As Brian Sullivan, SVP of Culinary Innovation at California Pizza Kitchen, said, “At California Pizza Kitchen, we’re always innovating. These new spring menu additions are reflective of the latest evolving trends, but done in a uniquely California-inspired way with fresh, seasonal flavors and ingredients.”

What are the flavors of the new California Focaccias from California Pizza Kitchen?

The new California Focaccias include Malibu, Smashed Avocado and Spicy Honey Bee. Just by the names, the flavors expectations are high. These focaccias are ready to be the centerpiece of the table.

The Malibu is bright and bold with a nod to the Mediterranean. The luscious whipped goat cheese and the herbs makes for a satisfying bite.

The Spicy Honey Bee takes on the spicy honey on pizza trend. The red chili honey with the richness of the gorgonzola and the spicy Capicola ham will make this menu item a huge hit. Even if guests are a little spice adverse this menu option is a must try.

Lastly, for avocado toast loves, the Smashed Avocado is a different take on the brunch staple. Combining fresh greens, herbs and a little chili, this transformation of the superfood is a delight.

Also, California Pizza Kitchen knows that sometimes guests want pizza, which is why the Spicy Honey Bee and the Smashed Avocado also come in a pizza option. There are plenty of ways for people to skip that classic, favorite menu item for something new.

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For more information on the new menu items and availability, please visit the CPK website.

What is your favorite California Pizza Kitchen menu item? Do you always order the same food or do you try the seasonal offerings?