Boursin Cheese has created the most delicious glamping recipes

Boursin Cheese Glamping recipes, photo provided by Boursin
Boursin Cheese Glamping recipes, photo provided by Boursin /

Hungry for some delicious glamping recipes? Boursin Cheese understands that a backyard escape can have a little glamour. With a little inspiration and a delicious plate of food, a memorable experience is just outside the door.

While many people are ready to pack their bags and head on the next great vacation, the reality is that a getaway can happen a little closer to home. Although the couch might have offered a sense of comfort over the past year, that ever expanding divot has become a little blah, boring and far from glamorous. Even if you aren’t ready to ditch the yoga pants (yet), it is time to upgrade that little at-home escape.

Boursin Cheese is coming to everyone’s rescue this summer with the ultimate foodie escape. Through Glamp Boursin, one lucky person will receive the ultimate backyard oasis. From a feast fit for the culinary elite to the stunning décor, this once in a lifetime experience could make you feel like you are part of the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, maybe with a few champagne wishes for that toast.

Matt Barlow, brand director for Boursin, said, “Over the last year we’ve been inspired by the new ways people have started entertaining at home and on the road with the rise of staycations, backyard hangouts and glamping occasions. At Boursin, we want to continue to spark people’s creativity and drive culinary inspiration, helping people turn any campfire into a wow-worthy experience.”

What glamping recipes does Boursin Cheese recommend?

Although one lucky person will have a personal chef whipping up these delicious glamping recipes, it doesn’t mean that everyone can’t be inspired by the creative ideas. Even though Boursin Cheese always deserves a prime spot on the cheese plate, the creamy, crumbly flavorful cheese can transform a variety of dishes.

As Barlow said, Glamp Boursin is all about inspiring others “to make unique, memorable meals this summer.” These glamping recipes are great examples of that concept.

Many of the glamping recipes showcase the concept of sweet and savory. From a sweet and savory take on s’mores to the Boursin & Balsamic Glazed Grilled Stone Fruit Crostini, these dishes showcase that a memorable recipe hits all the flavor notes. In one bite, that moment is transformed into an experience which makes people want another bite.

Looking at these recipes, they should inspire foodies to think outside of the traditional flavor or ingredient box. Desserts can have a savory twist. Appetizers can have a touch of sweetness. Being willing to play a little with food can be the difference between an amazing dish and a less successful one.

For now, one lucky person will get to win Glamp Boursin but everyone can add a little of that elevated food experience to their own backyard retreat. Step out of the cheese plate comfort zone and light a new fire on a culinary experience for this summer.

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What is your favorite way to use Boursin Cheese? Are you ready to explore some glamping recipes this summer?