Whole Foods keeps summer on with its Rainy-Day Redo program

Whole Foods Summer promo, photo provided by Whole Foods
Whole Foods Summer promo, photo provided by Whole Foods /

From the crash of thunder to the dark clouds in the sky, there is nothing more disheartening than a summer rainout. Luckily, the Rainy-Day Redo program from Whole Foods is here to make that rainy day sadness go away.

Even though summer has just started, the season has many adjectives. Whether it is a revenge summer or just a do-over summer, the next few months will be filled with fun activities. After far too many months spent inside the same four walls, everyone wants to get out and enjoy life.

For many people, Whole Foods is an integral part of all their activities. From that bowl of fruit for breakfast to the freshest fish for dinner, the store’s aisles hold a bounty of food that always delivers the best ingredients.

This summer, Whole Foods wants to ensure that summer fun shines brightly. With its Rainy-Day Redo program, grey skies are going to clear up and everyone will have a happy face.

As Sonya Gafsi Oblisk, Chief Marketing Officer of Whole Foods Market, said “Whole Foods Market is the destination for summer celebrations big and small. The Rainy-Day Redo program was designed to keep summer ON with giveaways, prizes and seasonal treats. Rainy days don’t stand a chance in dampening the fun.”

With the Rainy-Day Redo program, Whole Foods has partnered with the Weather Channel meteorologist Stephanie Abrams. Each Monday at noon ET from June 21 through August 9, Whole Foods will share Abrams’ forecast on Instagram. “If the previous weekend was deemed a rainout in at least 50% of the country, a limited number of Rainy-Day Redo packages will be available.”

The special packages will feature some summer essentials. These items could include “beach and grilling gear to tasty 365 by Whole Foods Market snacks – as well as coupons for summer essentials like ice cream or fresh fruit.”

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No one is going to rain on this summer’s epic parade. Whole Foods is here to make this summer filled with fun. Remember there is no rainbow without a little rain.