Disney+ Documentary WOLFGANG, evolving the restaurant into the culinary stage, exclusive clip

Wolfgang Stills, photo provided by Disney+
Wolfgang Stills, photo provided by Disney+ /

Wolfgang Puck is a legendary chef and restaurateur, but the restaurant industry might owe him a bigger debt of gratitude than the diner instantly recognizes. As seen in this exclusive clip from the Disney+ Documentary WOLFGANG, the celebrated chef was an innovator beyond the food on the plate.

While foodies long for a seat at Spago or one of Puck’s many restaurants, that table is more than a platform that serves an impeccable meal. In some ways, it is a prop in that food performance.

From the moment a diner takes her seat to the napkin resting on the table after the food has been devoured, the stage is set, the characters are chosen, and the chef conducts the experience one ingredient at a time.

In this exclusive clip provided to FoodSided, the Disney+ Documentary WOLFGANG proves that Wolfgang Puck forever changed the dining experience.

While many people recognize Chef Puck, his impact is more than just those moments on food television. From his instantly recognizable voice to his culinary approach, his vision changed the restaurant industry.

In this short clip, his fellow culinary influencers offer a litany of accomplishments. From the open kitchen to elevated pizza to the creation of the celebrity chef, it is because of Wolfgang Puck that these concepts are part of the culinary vernacular.

Long before chefs appeared on every screen tempting foodies with the next great culinary trend, the chef had to step off the line and come out from behind the kitchen door. Without the invention of the open kitchen, the celebrity chef would never have the stage to perform. Now foodies seek the privilege to sit at the closest table to see the food be transformed from humble ingredients to culinary masterpiece.

Even though Chef Puck is a legend both in and out of the kitchen, many people will have a new appreciation for his culinary influence after watching the Disney+ Documentary WOLFGANG. Although it might not change your opinion about smoked salmon on pizza, it will make you look at your next dining experience a little differently.

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The Disney+ original documentary WOLFGANG premieres on June 25, 2021.

What dining trend has changed your food experience? Do you think that the evolution of the celebrity chef has forever changed the restaurant industry?