Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s BLT Ranch menu is the taste of summer

BLT Ranch Menu at Carl's Jr and Hardee's, photo provided by Carl's Jr/Hardee's
BLT Ranch Menu at Carl's Jr and Hardee's, photo provided by Carl's Jr/Hardee's /

Forget lighting the grill because Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s have delivered the must have taste of summer. The new BLT Ranch menu is perfect for those long, hot days. Isn’t it time to take a big bite and enjoy every last morsel of summer deliciousness?

Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s understand that summer and food go hand in hand. While those backyard barbecues and gatherings are always entertaining, there are days when no one wants to cook. Luckily, these restaurants are delivering the flavors that people crave.

The new BLT Ranch menu includes BLT Ranch Chicken Sandwich, BLT Ranch Angus Thickburger and Bacon Ranch Fries. While everyone will have their favorite choice, the truth is many people will want to try all three menu options.

Which BLT Ranch menu item should you try first?

Since the Thickburger is a classic, the BLT Ranch Angus Thickburger might be the winner of the three offerings. The combination of crispy bacon and freshly cut tomatoes on a burger is a summertime classic. More importantly, the burger gets a burst of refreshing flavor from the cool dill ranch.

Truthfully, the real reason to order either the Thickburger or the BLT Ranch Chicken Sandwich is that cool dill ranch sauce. While ranch always has a tangy quality, the dill flavor brings a touch of “pickle” to the classic condiment. This idea might be the new food trend. What other condiments could use a little “dill” upgrade?

And, everyone knows that fries can be both a side and a meal. The Bacon Ranch Fries are that menu item. Natural Cut French Fries with bacon bits and ranch cannot be beat. Maybe if you ask nicely, someone can give you a taste of that dill ranch, too.

The limited BLT Ranch Menu is available at Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s for a limited time. And, if you want to sing the praises of these special menu items, Heavy Duty, Premiere and 72 and Sunny will drop the BLT Ranch Summer song on DJ Drippy’s Spotify. Be sure to listen on June 28.

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What do you think is the must have food this summer? Are you ready to order an item from the BLT Ranch menu?