T-Mobile celebrates its Un-carrier spirit with its own special gin

T-Mobile Ultra Capacity 5Gin and Extended Range 5Ginger Beer, photo provided by T-Mobile
T-Mobile Ultra Capacity 5Gin and Extended Range 5Ginger Beer, photo provided by T-Mobile /

For most people, their phone is their way to connect with the world and T-Mobile appreciates that its users want, need and deserve the best. In the past year, the company has sought to “build the country’s largest, fastest and most reliable 5G network.” Having met this challenge “six months ahead of schedule” the company is ready to raise a toast, literally, with the Ultra Capacity 5Gin and Extended Range 5Ginger Beer.

Everyone knows that the only thing worse than a “dead zone” is having an empty cocktail glass. From momentous occasions to just finding a reason to celebrate, the cocktail has become the symbol of good times, marking celebrations and enjoying a full life.

Any scrolling of social media shows that everyone wants to share those “moments,” but without a reliable carrier, that picturesque capture looks like an afterthought. If you can’t share that story when it happens, is it really that special. Like that old phrase from the 80s, the “is it real or Memorex” should not apply to the sharing that one moment in time.

Since T-Mobile has always made its own path, celebrating covering “300 million people with 5G,” deserves that special celebration and why shouldn’t it be with a cocktail. Actually, this concept fits within the brand’s identity.

As Mike Sievert CEO of T-Mobile said, “Now, we’re gonna celebrate in a way ONLY T-Mobile would — by bottling the Un-carrier spirit. Yes, you heard that right. And as we begin to get back to all the things we have missed, it’s time for a celebratory toast with 5Gin and 5Ginger Beer. You know the GIF from The Great Gatsby? That’s me right now. Cheers!”

What is the Ultra Capacity 5Gin from T-Mobile?

Bringing that “un-carrier spirit” concept to the Ultra Capacity 5Gin is a collaboration with Heritage Distilling Company. Considered a top premier craft distillery, this special, limited edition gin is inspired by the brand’s Elk Rider Gin. With “a distinctive combination of botanicals,” this gin makes a big statement. From the sleek bottle to the traditional gin with approachable piney notes, bright citrus, and a peppery finish, everyone will want to get a taste of this celebratory spirit.

While the T-Mobile 5G is taking over the nation, the Ultra Capacity 5Gin is only available for a limited time. It goes on sale June 24 at 12 p.m. PT. It is being sold for $30 a bottle, plus shipping and taxes. While availability varies, more information on purchasing can be found at t-mobile5gin.com.

If gin isn’t your spirit, T-Mobile wants everyone to be included in the celebration. In partnership with Jones Soda Co, there is an Extended Range 5Ginger Beer. The non-alcoholic beverage is perfect for both mocktails and cocktails.

The Extended Range 5Ginger Beer will be widely available, just like the -Mobile’s Extended Range 5G. A six-pack of the ginger beer is $10, plus shipping and taxes.

Ready to toast the T-Mobile un-carrier spirit with cocktails and mocktails?

For those people who want to raise a toast, T-Mobile has created some cocktails and mocktails. Inspired by the Ultra Capacity 5Gin, the various cocktails are plays off some classics.  While “high capacity” bitters, “dedicated” lime juice, and “peak performance” tonic might not necessarily be the “brands” on the shelf, the cocktails are smart, a touch humorous and more importantly a great addition to any happy hour.

Given that many people have increased their mixology skills, these special cocktails are within their shaking skills. Even if you have never tried to make a gin fizz with egg whites before, it is time to embrace the challenge. If T-Mobile can complete its goal six months ahead of schedule, everyone can make a great gin fizz.

Or, if you prefer to stay within your comfort zone, that is understandable. From a Magenta Martini to even the mocktail 5Ginger Mule, there is a beverage that fits everyone’s fancy.

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Are you ready to raise a toast to always being connected? T-Mobile has you covered wherever you go.

What is your favorite themed cocktail? Could this brand partnership start a new beverage trend?