Dunkin Kombucha and more new summer beverages join the menu

New Dunkin Kombucha, photo provided by Dunkin
New Dunkin Kombucha, photo provided by Dunkin /

While many people are excited about the Dunkin Strawberry Popping Bubbles, Dunkin Kombucha might change some people’s morning routine. Could kombucha and donuts be the new morning pick me up?

Recently, Dunkin announced some new summer beverages. While the Refreshers line and plant-based milk alternatives have received rave reviews, the truth is that guests are always looking for more, new and innovative.

According to a recent announcement, Dunkin Kombucha will do a test market run. Available at Dunkin restaurants in Albany, New York and Charlotte, North Carolina, the offering is an interesting choice. While many people are drawn to kombucha for its prebiotics benefits, it can be an acquired taste.

The Dunkin Kombucha will be available in two flavors. Fuji Apple Berry flavor and Blueberry Lemon. Both of these flavors would be approachable to a wide variety of guests. Although kombucha tends to have a tangy taste, the sweetness of berries can offset the tartness.

Looking at the two flavors, they present options that would entice kombucha newbies to try it. When a beverage sounds similar to the apple juice that they know, they might be more willing to place that order.

What other new summer beverages are coming in addition to Dunkin Kombucha?

Since the grill and summer go hand in hand, Dunkin is bring those smoky flavors to coffee. The two options include Smoked Vanilla Cold Brew with Sweet Cold Foam and Smoked Vanilla Iced Latte.

While this coffee isn’t served in a smoke cloud, the truth is that the flavor have that little touch of bitter to balance the sweetness. It is almost like the perfect s’more flavor combination, but in a beverage.

Dunkin summer beverages including smoked coffee and kombucha
New Dunkin Beverages, photo provided by Dunkin /

Keeping these new smoked beverages in cold varieties is a smart choice. The reality is that the cold will keep the smoke flavor from becoming too strong. Cold highlights sweetness better. The smoke will almost act like a touch of salt in a drink.

In addition to the smoked beverages, there is a Sunrise Batch Iced Coffee. That new coffee has roasted nut flavors and hints of cocoa. Thinking of the other summer beverages, it builds on that concept of roasted by the fire.

To entice guests to take a sip, medium Sunrise Batch Coffee is just $2. The medium-sized coffee deal is available through July 20.

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What do you think of these new Dunkin summer beverages? Will these beverages change your morning routine?