Lime Truck looks to leverage The Great Food Truck Race 2.0 opportunity, exclusive

Mystikka Masala, Lime Truck, Aloha Plate, The Middle Feast, Nola Creations, Waffle Love, Seoul Sausage team members with host Tyler Florence in front of the trucks as seen on the Great Food Truck Race, Season 13. Photo courtesy Food Network
Mystikka Masala, Lime Truck, Aloha Plate, The Middle Feast, Nola Creations, Waffle Love, Seoul Sausage team members with host Tyler Florence in front of the trucks as seen on the Great Food Truck Race, Season 13. Photo courtesy Food Network /

The Lime Truck and The Great Food Truck Race go way back to the beginning of the series. As the food truck returns to the Food Network culinary competition, the team realizes that this second opportunity is more than just reconnecting with food fans who crave their brand of California cuisine. Will this food truck roll towards another victory?

This season of the Great Food Truck Race has brought together some of the most successful food trucks from the series. While each team has their own food niche, it is more than just deliciously prepared food that will earn one team another victory.

From creative selling techniques to smart business practices all of those factors must come together to earn top billing in Tyler Florence’s ledger each week. While the special challenges can add significantly to the bottom line, it is the well rounded food truck team that rises to the top.

As seen in this The Great Food Truck Race season, the Lime Truck is using its team’s culinary expertise to their advantage. Their ability to think creatively, adapt their menu and connect with customers has kept them moving forward challenge after challenge. Who isn’t craving a the “taste of the truck?”

The Lime Truck talks to FoodSided about The Great Food Truck Race, their culinary style and more.

Recently, the Lime Truck spoke to FoodSided about their the Great Food Truck Race 2.0 opportunity. Like many of the previous successful food truck teams, the group understands how this Food Network show can be the spark that a business can use to leverage future opportunities.

The Lime Truck said, “The show was an incredible catalyst for our success. I thought after winning season 2 the world would open up opportunities with little friction, however that was not the case. What it did for The Lime Truck, was open doors and allow me to carve a path that led to our success. In summation, I think we would of been as successful over the course of the past 10 years without the show, but it would have been much more difficult, and we wouldn’t have seen it happen as fast. The Lime Truck and myself are extremely grateful for that opportunity and count our blessings as it is a major reason we are where we are today.”

Since each food truck tends to have a food niche or a particular style of cuisine, the Lime Truck is more than just the term “California cuisine.” For them, it really comes down to fresh, flavorful ingredients.

Specifically, they said, “People want to know if they are eating fresh good ingredients, and every chef knows that is the key or the most essential element to making good food. After being in business for 10 years we took a long hard look at our menu and decided to use local produce when available, more meat alternatives, and use meats that are treated more humane with no antibiotics or hormones. This was an important step in making our food quality better and it resulted in lots of success.”

While the Great Food Truck Race is a chance for more people to see their food truck and crave their food, the reality is that the competition is not just a walk in the park. As many of the food trucks have seen, the second time around is not quite as easy as the first one.

The Lime Truck commented, “The second time around you savor the moments more. It’s still competition which is very grueling on the mind and body, but overall you are in a new place where gratitude becomes the common denominator or the show.”

Overall, this season, there has been that sense of camaraderie with the competing teams. In some ways, that feeling is transcending many culinary competitions this year. Whether it is circumstances or people appreciating that helping each other is important, that positive vibe seems to be a good thing.

Still, the opportunity to return to the Great Food Truck Race has to be leveraged. Just appearing on the show doesn’t necessarily guarantee a windfall.

As the Lime Truck revealed, “Having national exposure is huge for a brand, the true question is what are you going to do with the exposure to make sure you get the most out of TGFTR. I want all the teams to be as successful possible, but when I think about the Food Truck Race, my mind is always thinking, ok “it’s one thing to win the show”, but it’s another to take the show and leverage it to do something huge for your business, that can be The Great Food Truck Race 2.0″

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Watch the Lime Truck on The Great Food Truck Race All Stars Sunday nights at 9 p.m. EST on the Food Network. Additional episodes can be streamed on Discovery+.

What has been your favorite challenge on The Great Food Truck Race this season? Which food truck do you think will win it all?