Cayman Jack shakes up an adventurous cocktail hour one bottle at a time

Cayman Jack, photo by Cristine Struble
Cayman Jack, photo by Cristine Struble /

Sometimes the most adventurous sip is the one that is sitting within your grasp. With Cayman Jack, cocktail hour puts the shaking on pause and focuses on the refreshment. While that tropical breeze might be a touch of a mirage, the reality is that this flavor will have you feeling island time by the time you see the bottom of the glass.

Recently, canned cocktails have been on the rise. Although many people have increased their confidence and competency behind the bar, the reality is that sometimes people just want to enjoy a beverage without all the effort.

Even though the canned cocktails might be more prevalent on the shelf, not all beverages are the same. From flavor to ingredients, just randomly grabbing a can from the cooler or shelf may not be advisable.

Like any cocktail, a canned cocktail needs to capture the attention from that first moment. Although the shaker might still be on the shelf, people want the other components of a great cocktail. From the first aroma to the last drop, that beverage needs to almost offer a little escape from the daily grind. Just because pouring the beverage into the glass is easy doesn’t mean that it doesn’t offer the full experience.

How is Cayman Jack different from other canned cocktails?

When Cayman Jack launched its brand, it set out to be different. Although that sense of adventure varies for people the reality is that being unique is a sea of sameness is important.

Overall, the brand sought to create a craft cocktail like beverage in a single serving format. While this option is a malt beverage, the flavors and aromas make it best enjoyed when poured into a glass and treated like a cocktail. While no one is saying that you can’t drink straight from the can or bottle, there is more enjoyment when a little “extra” is added to the drinking enjoyment.

For example, the margarita is delightful when served on the rocks with a dehydrated lime wheel. While the lime boosts both the aroma and flavor of the cocktail, the Cayman Jack margarita hits that right balance of sweet, sour and refreshing. Given that it has a lower alcohol content than some margaritas, it can be the cocktail that keeps the adventure going all day long.

In addition, the margarita lends itself to some creativity. With floral flavors trending, a little addition of hibiscus syrup can enhance this beverage. From a touch of color to another layer of flavor, it captures the tropical getaway vibe.

If margaritas aren’t a preferred cocktail, Cayman Jack has several other options in its line. Choices include Mojito, Moscow Mule and Paloma.

With the mojito, the mint is the first characteristic that is clear when the can is opened. It instantly awakens the senses. Without being too sweet, that herbal note makes you go back sip after sip.

For the Moscow Mule, the lingering warmth from the ginger spice is alluring. Although there is a slight boldness, it is makes you want to go back. Like the mystery that needs to be solved, you can’t get enough of this flavor.

Overall, Cayman Jack sought to create a beverage that captures the taste of a craft cocktail without the effort. In many ways, opening one can lead to a great adventure. Luckily cocktail fans do not have to pack the entire bar to get the cocktail flavor that they love.

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Cayman Jack is sold at various retailers. It is available in cans and some flavors are available in glass bottles.

Are you ready to step out from behind the bar? Have canned cocktails replaced hard seltzer in the refrigerator?