Moe’s Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Queso Taco is the most flavorful new menu item

Moe’s Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Queso Taco, photo provided by Moe's
Moe’s Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Queso Taco, photo provided by Moe's /

Moe’s liquid gold queso is getting a bold flavor upgrade. The new Buffalo Queso Taco, flavored with Frank’s RedHot, will have guests running to the restaurant to get that bold bite. Luckily, Moe’s loyalty members can get a first taste.

According to Moe’s the new Buffalo Queso Taco is a “hard shell taco wrapped in a soft tortilla with buffalo queso in between” the two layers. While guests can choose their preferred protein and various toppings, that bold queso is the star of the plate.

Looking at this new taco, it is interesting that the queso is going in between the soft tortilla and the hard-shell taco. This idea should ensure that there is queso in every bite. In addition, it should make the bite a perfect combination of flavors.

Although Frank’s RedHot talks about putting that “stuff” on everything, adding it to the Moe’s queso is a great idea. While the cheese will temper the heat of the hot sauce, that vinegar forward taste will make all the other flavors pop.

Moe’s Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Queso
Moe’s Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Queso Taco, photo provided by Moe’s /

While the Buffalo Queso is featured on the new taco, it can be ordered as a side, cup or bowl. Plus, it can be added to any other entrée or meal. Just think of how this sauce will change those burritos.

The new Buffalo Queso Taco will be available Moe’s Loyalty members starting on July 6 through July 8. Non-loyalty members will be able to purchase it on July 9 and will remain on the menu until September 5.

The special early preview is another example of restaurants leveraging their loyalty programs to their advantage. A food sneak peak or special discounts are reasons why people use those loyalty programs. And, joining Moe’s loyalty program is easy and can be done by downloading the restaurant’s app.

Lastly, Moe’s wants to entice everyone to get a taste of the new menu item. From July 9 through July 11, any order of $10 or more from or via the Moe’s app qualifies for free delivery.

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What do you think of the new Moe’s Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Queso Taco? Are you going to place an extra order?