New Dunkin Chocolate Pancake coffee brings a sweet boost to the day

New Dunkin at home coffees, photo provided by Dunkin
New Dunkin at home coffees, photo provided by Dunkin /

While everyone knows that America runs on Dunkin, the new Dunkin Chocolate Pancake Coffee is a reason to linger in the kitchen a little longer. One of the new Dunkin at home flavors, this cup of coffee brings a sweet smile with every sip.

Dunkin at Home flavors blend that coffee everyone loves with a little extra boost. Recently added to the line are four flavors, Turtle Love, Caramel Me Crazy, Chocoholic Pancake, and Cinnamania. Although these coffee flavors sound a touch sweet, that classic Dunkin coffee come through in every cup.

Looking at the four flavors, the Dunkin Chocolate Pancake might be the most unique. Many people love the combination of pancakes and coffee but putting the two flavors into a drink is a game changer.

Although it might be best to choose a buttermilk pancake or complementary pancake flavor to serve on the plate, this coffee flavor is definitely a rich way to start the day. With notes of “sweet milk chocolate, smooth dark chocolate and creamy chocolate chip pancake flavors,” it might even be a sipping dessert option.

Looking at the other three flavors, Caramel Me Crazy might be the option for Butterbeer fans. The combination of “ creamy caramel, butterscotch, and sweet brown sugar” almost sounds like the best parts to a hot Butterbeer. Did someone cast a spell on the kitchen coffee maker?

Lastly, the Cinnamania is the flavor that brings some warmth on a chilly morning. The spicy cinnamon is almost like a warm hug in that mug.

The new Dunkin Chocolate Pancake Coffee and other new flavors are available at various retailers, including Walmart. The coffee is sold in both ground bags ($7.99) and K-Cup packages (10-$6.99). These flavors are not available at Dunkin stores.

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What coffee flavor perks your interest? Do you prefer flavored coffee or flavored coffee creamer?