All-American beers that need to be part of summer gatherings

Samuel Adams and American Giant, photo provided by Samuel Adams
Samuel Adams and American Giant, photo provided by Samuel Adams /

As all things red, white and blue join the table, these All-American beers need to be stocked in the cooler. While summer gatherings can be filled with tasty treats, summer beverages need to be part of the equation. Have you made that all important beer run yet?

When thinking about All-American beers, Budweiser is often the first beer that comes to mind. While some people might grab that Bud Light or even switch it up with a Bud Light Seltzer, the reality is that the original, classic Budweiser is often front and center for many summer gatherings.

For big fans of Budweiser, the brand has numerous ways of showing that fandom beyond the beverage in your hand. From fun apparel to beach gear to even a cooler, the Budweiser shop has you covered with everything that the beer lover might need. You just have to bring your own ice.

This year Samuel Adams partnered with American Giant for a special all-American collaboration. While American Giant might have the greatest hoodie ever made. Samuel Adams is a legendary beer. Now there is not only a special hoodie to wear on those chilly summer nights but also a great beer to sip as you’re watching the fireworks.

The American Crafted Lager is the perfect pairing for any backyard barbecue. The unfiltered lager has as slightly spicy hops that balance the sweetness which is sometimes found in barbecue. With a touch of citrus and an herbal aroma, this beer makes everyone want to kick back, relax and enjoy the moment. Luckily, that American Giant x Samuel Adams Hoodie is extra comfy.

Although some people might still be afraid of the water, Narragansett Beer is putting Jaws back on the can and in the cooler. While some people might not be crushing it like Clint, this classic Rhode Island beer is always a refreshing choice. Why not say hi to your neighbor and enjoy a 6-pack together.

Anchor Brewing Liberty Brew has been around since 1975. With a champagne like bubbles, the rich barley makes for a lively hoppy aroma. Made to celebrate Paul Revere’s ride, this beer is definitely a feather in anyone’s cooler.

On the heels of its Guinness World Record for the Longest Slip and Slide ever, Natty Light is that beer which keeps the fun going all day long. Although Naturdays is a light, refreshing option, the classic Natty Light never goes out of style.

For the summer, The Natty Light limited edition USA Cans are on store shelves. Even if you aren’t up for that epic slip and side, the Natty Light USA Cans with the stars, stripes, and flocking bald eagles will make this summer feel epic.

Continuing the historic theme, Pabst Blue Ribbon went beyond bit to celebrate this year, 1776 big. While this 1776 package of beer might be a little much for the “typical” summer gathering, it is fun promotion. With so many people craving to get back to “fun” maybe it is the beer to bring to that fireworks display.

For the summer, the 1776 theme packs are in stores. The packaging says, “This is the Original Past Blue Ribbon 1776 Pack, It can hold 1776 Pabst Blue Ribbon beers and infinite amounts of freedom. You’re welcome, America.” Maybe it is time to take a sip back in time.

Yuengling is America’s Oldest Brewery. While the classic lager is always refreshing, the brewery is offering a new lighter beer, too.

The Yuengling 99 is a crisp, refreshing light beer that still delivers that classic flavor. Although different from the Flight by Yuengling, this beer has more of the malt-forward flavors from the legendary lager.

Lastly, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale set the beer world on a different path when the brand introduced its hop forward juggernaut. That gift from Chico created a whole industry.

Even though there are many other hop forward Pale Ale beers on the shelf, Sierra Nevada remains the go-to option. Keeping one in the cooler is always a great choice.

These All-American beers are just a few of the many offerings that beer drinkers go back to time and again. If you haven’t cracked open a cold one in a while, what are you waiting for?

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What’s your go-to summer beer or All-American beers? Are you beer loyal or do you try different options?