Tasty hot dog recipes that are the stars of any backyard barbecue

Charlotte NC - June 11th 2021 -Carla Hall and TostitosPhotographed in Charlotte NC on June 11 2021. Photo by Peter Taylor
Charlotte NC - June 11th 2021 -Carla Hall and TostitosPhotographed in Charlotte NC on June 11 2021. Photo by Peter Taylor /

Looking for the best hot dog recipes? While people might debate condiments on a hot dog, the reality is that hot dogs are a classic at any backyard barbecue. Although there might be nothing better than just a simple hot dog on a bun, the reality is that many people want more than just a plain jane offering.

Luckily, many recipes are available that turn a hot dog into spectacular food on the plate. While these ideas are just a few suggestions, it could spark some culinary creativity at home. From a condiment bar to the types of hot dogs on the grill, there are numerous possibilities.

Tasty hot dog recipes that will make you fire up the grill

Tostitos Crusted Corn Dogs

Part of the Tostitos Next Day Delicious recipes, Carla Hall has created Tostitos Crusted Corn Dogs. Using those left over tortilla chips, the hot dog gets a tangy, crunchy boost. While this recipe uses the Tostitos Original Restaurant Style chips, it could be modified with other flavors, too.

And, if you have any additional leftover chips, remember then can be used on that grilled corn, too. There are always plenty of food ideas for leftover food.

Idahoan Picnic Dog

Who doesn’t love potatoes? While potato salad might be part of the backyard barbecue table, this recipe from Idahoan Potatoes changes the hot dog. Who needs sides when the hot dog is a main dish and a side rolled into one.

Although some recipe use fries for a potato dog, this recipe uses mashed potatoes. The key to mastering this dish is building flavors. And, if you prefer a plant-based dog, you can swap it for the kosher hot dog.

Idahoan Picnic Dog


  • 1 Idahoan Buttery Homestyle Mashed Potato cup
  • 4 Kosher style hot dogs
  • 3 Tbsp stone ground mustard
  • 4 Potato flour buns
  • Celery, chopped
  • Radishes, finely diced
  • Kosher pickle spears
  • Yellow mustard
  • Red onion, finely diced


  • Grill hot dogs until done.
  • Prepare Idahoan Buttery Homestyle Mashed Potato Cup according to package directions and stir in stone ground mustard.
  • Place sausage on bun and spread potato mixture on top.
  • Add toppings to your taste. No ketchup needed!

Plant-Based Kogi Dog

While many home cooks dream of having Roy Choi’s cooking skills, everyone can get a taste of his The Home Run dog at home. Since that food treat features the Field Roast Signature Stadium Dog, why not grill one up at home.

The Field Roast Signature Stadium Dog is available at various retailers. Then, top that plant-based hot dog with some “Kogi slaw, cilantro-onion lime relish, salsas roja, verde and naranja, roasted sesame seeds.” If those items aren’t available in your kitchen, borrow the idea of the flavors used in this dish. Bold slaw, bright relish and sauces can make that Signature Stadium Dog pop.

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What are your recommendations for tasty hot dog recipes? Ready to get grilling this summer?