Billy Eichner is ready to toast IRL social interaction, interview

Billy Eichner for Neon Zebra, photo provided by Neon Zebra
Billy Eichner for Neon Zebra, photo provided by Neon Zebra /

Many people are ready to shake up their routine and Billy Eichner is no different. As everyone gets off the couch, steps away from the screen and walks back into the bright, bold world, the reality is that there can be a little adjustment period. Still, who isn’t ready to toast to some real social interaction?

Occasionally, some people might like to rely on a little liquid courage to step out of their comfort zone. Although everyone has the ability to be themselves in any moment, those first few seconds of adjustment can be a little awkward. Maybe that screen presented a little better version of yourself. Like that picturesque background, the image might have been a little more altered than reality.

Neon Zebra and Billy Eichner want people to feel a little more comfortable with their IRL social interaction. Through the IRL Again campaign, the idea is to give everyone some realistic advice, relatable words of wisdom and even an easy way to serve a great tasting cocktail.

What does Billy Eichner recommend about getting reconnecting with friends?

Although those virtual happy hours and weekly video calls kept people connected, sometimes they presented a “better version” of ourselves. Stepping away from the screen can come with a little tinge of fear, but that feeling shouldn’t overwhelm people.

Eichner shared “After a year of Zoom conference call nightmares and cooking fails, there’s so much I’m looking forward to doing IRL, but there is also the fear of being socially awkward and saying and doing the “wrong” thing after being home for so long. Or social anxiety in general. That’s why I joined the ‘IRL Again’ campaign with Neon Zebra to provide fun advice to help it feel a little less daunting to emerge back into the real world.”

While stepping back into groups and new situations might take some adjustment, Eichner believes that everyone is in the same boat. Although he might be willing to talk to almost anyone, others might need a little more encouragement.

Eichner said, “I think it helps to remember almost everyone is feeling as nervous and insecure as you are. I say just try to remember that and don’t go into social situations with huge expectations. Just relax, have fun with your friends and enjoy it for what it is. Life is short so don’t dwell on your insecurities too much.”

As people rediscover their voice in real life, those spur of the moment conversations will become even more common. Eichner shares, “Absolutely! I think we’re all craving social interaction whether we know the person or not. Once we get back out to IRLing again, I think we’ll all notice how big of an impact those small random chats have on our days.”

Even though all those conversations can be quite entertaining, sometimes a few unexpected moments can arise. Eichner suggests that people just embrace it. “There are no scripts or teleprompters for real life so I just own it! Sometimes those awkward moments can turn into the best memories. I just try to roll with it, acknowledge the awkwardness in a funny way and shrug it off.”

Although some people have tons of confidence to just “roll with it,” others might need a little liquid encouragement. Eichner has his favorite beverage.

For Eichner, his “go-to icebreaker cocktail is a Margarita with Neon Zebra’s cocktail mixer. Just pour one can into 3 oz of your preferred liquor (I use tequila) and you have two refreshing cocktails to share with a friend.”

With summer entertainment in full effect, Eichner is like many others. He is “excited about seeing my friends again. As nice as it was to have an excuse to say no to plans all the time and stay home, I am a very social person so I’m excited to travel and hang with my friends this summer.”

It is time to shake up that routine. Put the sweats back in the drawer, put on some cute sandals,  grab a Neon Zebra and mix up a great cocktail. Real life memorable moments are just a pour away.

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What are you looking forward to doing this summer? Will a Neon Zebra cocktail make it even more exciting?