Stella Artois and Marcus Samuelsson offer the ultimate Fried Yardbird NFT

Marcus Samuelsson for Stella Artois, photo provided by Stella Artois
Marcus Samuelsson for Stella Artois, photo provided by Stella Artois /

For many people, a Stella Artois is always the perfect food pairing for a delicious dinner. While the beer brand has been a strong supporter of the restaurant industry, it appreciates that food lovers are connected not only with a dish but also with their favorite chefs and restaurants. This special partnership with celebrated chef Marcus Samuelsson takes a new approach to his classic Fried Yardbird dish.

As part of the “Chef’s Special NFT Collection,” Stella Artois has partnered with the James Beard Foundation to help support restaurants and give foodies a unique taste of some of the food world’s most famous dishes. With growing demand for the NFT offerings, this collaboration might be the hottest ticket in town.

According to Lauren Denowitz, Communications and Creative Lead, Stella Artois, the brand is thrilled to lead by example with this current trend. By “supporting restaurants in a new and creative way,” the idea is to expand “our NFT collection benefiting at-risk restaurants and ensuring they have a future as they are a place for consumers to continue living out Stella’s brand purpose of savoring life together.”

While many people are learning to appreciate those special moments to savor, the reality is that people want something different. Granted, there is nothing better than a perfectly poured beer in that iconic chalice, but foodies crave that unique flavor, first taste or just desire to be the one and only.

What is included in this special Stella Artois Marcus Samuelsson Fried Yardbird NFT?

Considered one of Chef Samuelsson’s iconic recipes, that dish has been a favorite on his menu. As Samuelsson shared, “Fried Yardbird is not only one of our most popular dishes but the recipe we get asked for all the time.” Through this special offering, Samuelsson appreciates that this promotion will offer “meaningfully support the James Beard Foundation’s Food and Beverage Investment Fund for Black and Indigenous Americans.”

Available for bid via through July 16th at 5 p.m. EST, the winning account will receive the following: “ A digital file of Chef Samuelsson’s Fried Yardbird recipe in the form of an NFT, a one-of-a-kind video revealing all the secret tips, tricks and rituals, divulged by Samuelsson himself, for how to prepare the most perfect fried chicken, and a private dinner for two at Red Rooster, the chef’s famed NYC eatery in the heart of Harlem, where Samuelsson will prepare the famous Fried Yardbird along with other tasty bites and meet the winners personally.”

Although this special offering is priceless, the money does go to a worthy cause. Hopefully, the promotion raises significant funds and awareness for the program.

Since this offering is the first in the “Chef’s Special NFT Collection,” it will be interesting to see the next collaboration on deck. Given that this offering should be quite successful, it seems likely that the series could continue for a long time.

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What chefs would you like to see part of the Stella Artois Chef’s Special NFT Collection? Are you going to bid on this once in a lifetime experience?