Beth Behrs talks Woodbridge Wines, baseball and bringing friends together, interview

Beth Behrs for Woodbridge Wines, photo courtesy of Woodbridge Wines
Beth Behrs for Woodbridge Wines, photo courtesy of Woodbridge Wines /

While the crack of the bat brings cheers, Beth Behrs appreciates that opening a bottle of Woodbridge Wines can bring friends together. After time spent apart, Behrs is ready to close the zoom screen and enjoy some spirited conversation in real life. But, don’t knock her favorite baseball team, the Balitmore Orioles.

Many people know Behrs from Two Broke Girls and The Neighborhood. While the celebrated actress knows how to turn a phrase and get a laugh on camera, her open, honest approach to life makes her relatable beyond those characters.

Recently, FoodSided spoke with Behrs about her partnership with Woodbridge Wines, the official wine of Major League Baseball, her love of the game and finding reasons to open a bottle to celebrate with friends.

What has Beth Behrs missed in the past year?

While that screen has helped to keep people connected, there was still a barrier. Behrs believes, “wine is something that brings people together,” and she is looking forward to “cheers our glasses” and be “in person.”

Behrs believes “we’re supposed to be with other people, we’re not lone a wolf, we’re supposed to be in a tribe.” Whether that tribe is gathering in the backyard or coming together for a baseball game, the reality is that people are thirsty for that time together, being part of that live moment.

Although being in the moment is key, Behrs believes that there is an “overwhelming feeling of gratitude that we get to have these moments again.” After many parts being taken away, she believes that “we’ve got to live each day like it all could go away.” That willingness to be “present in the moment” and celebrate life’s little victories is more important than ever.

Beth Behrs shares how baseball is full of family memories

With baseball back on the field with fans in the stands, those cheers for every hit, steal and great play seem even louder than before. For Behrs, baseball has been part of her family traditions. She said, “it’s such a summer spring activity. I’ve done it with my dad since I was a little kid.” While this season might have a touch of “feeling like the first time again,” there is a great appreciation for baseball and the game after missing out last year. Why not have “people over for a game and open a bottle of wine.”

Behrs recalled how she loved going to baseball games with her grandparents and even was able to bring her grandmother onto the Orioles field once. She holds those memories dear after having lost her grandmother during the pandemic. And, her grandmother would be cheering for this Woodbridge Wines partnership, since she loved a great glass of wine.

Still, Behrs said that she is drawn to the in-person experience. She said, “there’s something that goes along with baseball that’s really about being with the people.” Specifically, she commented that the “communal sense of where all cheering and rooting for these incredible athletes” makes it special.

While Behrs love baseball, specifically the Orioles, she is a huge women’s soccer fan, too. In a recent conversation with Abby Wambach on her podcast, Harmonics, they discussed “the sacrifice that goes into being an athlete.” While athletes might reap the rewards for their actions, the task is not an easy one.

Behrs went on to discuss why she feels why people are connected to athletes. Whether it is the athlete’s “fear of the future” or seeing those “most challenging daily routines (and how) they come out of that stronger,” those athletes can be an example for life in general.

Even though many people will not be competing on that field of play, the reality is that those athletes can serve as an example to get just moving. Behrs believes, “when you wake up and you and you move your body, you’ve accomplished something. and so that gives you confidence.” Even though there are “moments of vulnerability and moments of pain, and anxiety, and fear,” people can find a way to come through the darkness and into the light.

What wine is Beth Behrs enjoying while watching a baseball game this season?

Since this special partnership with Woodbridge Wines, MLB and Behrs should be celebrated with a toast, it was imperative to ask which bottle of wine needed to be opened in the moment. Behrs gave two options.

For a daytime event, Behrs recommends opening a bottle of the Sauvignon Blanc because it is light and refreshing. It would be delightful for an afternoon game. If the event is later in the day or evening, she prefers the Cabernet Sauvignon.

And, with that wine in the glass, it is time to raise a toast. Behrs said, “here’s to life, keep living it and, embrace all the ups and downs, the light and the dark and come together and help each other through it.” Those words will linger far longer than the last drop in our wine glass.

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Beth Behrs can be seen on The Neighborhood and hosts the podcast Harmonics.

Woodbridge Wines is the official wine of Major League Baseball. The Woodbridge by Mondavi wines have a diverse wine portfolio.

Are you excited to gather friends over a glass of wine? What is your favorite wine to open?