Summer food fashion is serving up some hot looks

Panera Soup Fashion, photo provided by Panera
Panera Soup Fashion, photo provided by Panera /

As everyone enjoys those days in the sunshine, it is best to dress to impress. Luckily summer food fashion has many options. From days at the beach to casual nights by the fire, these tasty treats will get everyone a little hungry.

Food and fashion are going hand in hand. While many people are always happy to share their favorite recipes, beverages and a variety of other food opinions, more and more people are putting their favorites on the sleeve.

Luckily, many brands are stepping up and the options are quite stylish. The only concern is making sure that no one spills on that new look.

Summer food fashion stands up to the heat.

While some people might not think that soup is a summer food, Panera thinks that there is always a spot for some broccoli cheddar soup and a bread bowl on the table. Who thinks that the Bread Bowl is going to save the summer?

Panera is offering soup-inspired swimwear for summer. While that bowl of soup is always a comforting dish, these looks are spoonful of perfection, too. From proclaiming that love of soup or feeling a little cheesy, these swimwear options will make a statement around the pool.

Available while supplies last, more information can be found at

While Panera is serving up soup-tastic swimwear, it isn’t the only brand joining the summer food fashion fun. Cinnabon has a Sun’s Out Buns Out collection. Available online, the cute phrase has everyone craving a piece.

Although this summer food fashion might not have that iconic cinnamon aroma, it will get everyone to take notice at the summer gathering. From a cute bucket hat to fun tank, everyone will want to join your summer fun.

And, sometimes summer food fashion takes inspiration from the farm. Stonyfield Farm has a special cow-print inspired dress. Available on Amazon, this easy to wear silhouette is perfect for Cow appreciation day or any day when it is time to leave the office behind.

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These options are just a few of the many summer food fashion options that is making an impression this summer. Are you getting hungry to fill your closet with some tasty treats?