Nyjah Huston and Postmates serve up an exclusive new food offering

Nyjah Huston and Postmates event, photo provided by Postmates
Nyjah Huston and Postmates event, photo provided by Postmates /

Nyjah Huston always has the right moves and with the help of Postmates, his favorite food orders are just a click away. On of Huston’s favorite food spots in Los Angeles is Tocaya Organica. With this special partnership, everyone can get a taste of a special menu item made just for him.

When it comes to food deliveries, many people have favorite spots or go-to menu items. From Doja Cat to other famous celebrities, that glimpse at their food ordering receipts is a little taste of the “like us.” moment.

While Huston might be the world’s number one skateboarder, he has favorite food cravings, just like everyone else. For him, Tocaya Organica tops that list. According to Postmates, Huston even placed six orders in a single day. Who knew flying high with all those skating maneuvers created such a hunger?

Although Huston might have to take a break from his favorite food while he’s competing in Tokyo, Postmates has partnered with him to create both a special menu item and a once in a life time opportunity to skate-sit.

Huston said, “I’m stoked about my partnership with Postmates and Tocaya. It’s the place I order from the most and everything there is great – the burritos, the bowls, all of it. I like to Postmates my order to the skate park when I hang with my bros and homies. I’m also stoked that some of my fans are going to be holding down my skate park while I’m in Tokyo, hope they’re out there shredding for me!”

Before grabbing the fork for the special menu item, chew on these details about the Nyjah Huston skate-sit.

Whether you can shred with the best of them or just want a really cool opportunity, many people will want the opportunity to skate-sit Huston’s private skatepark in Orange County. According to Postmates, any Tocaya order from July 9 through July 13 will be entered to win this special opportunity for a guest and three friends. In addition to being in the skatepark, the win comes with lots of food from Postmates.

Nyjah Huston for Postmates
Nyjah Huston for Postmates, photo provided by Postmates /

To be entered into the contest, use code GONYJAH at check out. But, don’t miss the chance to have the special menu item, too.

The exclusive menu order is the Street Corn Quesalita. According to the brand, the menu item includes “street corn and melty Oaxaca cheese between two homemade tortillas served with roasted tomato salsa topped with chipotle powder and cotija cheese.” The Street Corn Quesalita is a mash-up of two menu items, the quesalita and street corn.

Looking at this menu item, the flavor is both sweet and spicy. While the chipotle powder should offer a smoky heat, the cojita cheese will tame the flames. Still, there is no denying that each bite is full of flavor.

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Are you ready to place your Postmates order today? This food offer is definitely golden.