Did Doja Cat really order just one banana on Postmates?

. (Photo by Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Doja Cat)
. (Photo by Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Doja Cat) /

While Doja Cat and her music is giving everyone the most epic summer vibes, the celebrated pop star has been racking up her orders on Postmates. With this glimpse into her order history via The Receipt, it seems that her food cravings are quite varied. From extravagant, huge orders to just one banana, it seems that Postmates always delivers for Doja Cat.

Although Doja Cat is known for her many impressive collaborations and being a boss, she knows that Postmates can always delivery what she wants, when she wants it. From her first Rite Aid order in 2015 to her love of Jack in the Box, it seems that her food choices are both predictable and uniquely hers.

As part of The Receipt series from Postmates, the brand shared some of her interesting orders. While there might not necessarily be a pattern with her favorite food choices, the recap does have a little taste of “celebrities like us.”

Like many of us, she has ordered spicy Taco Bell and has satisfied that Jack in the Box craving. Her most popular order is broccoli cheddar soup from Panera. Maybe that bowl of comfort food provides the perfect inspiration for her next hit song.

According to the list, her orders can vary from very large, over $400, to just one banana. That wide spectrum shows why so many people turn to Postmates for their food orders. Whether it is satisfying that very particular food craving or stocking the house after a trip, every order can and will be filled.

Even if some people have never ordered Postmates twice in a day or just use the service for that late night craving, the reality is that everyone, even the hottest pop superstar, appreciates the convenience and ease of using the food delivery service. Next time you order that Shack Burger with fries or prefer an order of sushi, Postmates has you covered.

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What is your most outrageous Postmates offer? Have you ever ordered Postmates more than once a day?