Jimmy John’s transforms two favorite salads into limited edition wraps

Jimmy John's new limited edition wraps, photo by Cristine Struble
Jimmy John's new limited edition wraps, photo by Cristine Struble /

Put down the fork, because two favorite salads are now limited edition wraps at Jimmy John’s. As part of the restaurant brand’s evolution, these two new menu items will have everyone placing an order to get a taste and they will be impressed with the flavors.

Although certain flavors are classics, sometimes the traditional ways of enjoying them tend to get a little bland. Sometimes a little twist on those favorite flavors can be the boost that many people crave. When food can be fun, people get excited to take another taste.

For Jimmy John’s, the brand has long said that its food has both “freaky fresh” ingredients and “freaky fast delivery.” While those two aspects have set the quick service restaurant apart, the reality is that occasional changes to the menu, like limited edition food offerings, can make guests place a special order.

What are the Jimmy John’s limited edition wraps and how do these transform those favorite salads?

The two new menu items are Chicken Caesar Wrap and Beefy Ranch Wrap. Similar to two favorite salads, these limited edition wraps take those flavors to a new level. Ready to take a big bite?

Recently, FoodSided was able to get a sneak peek of the two new menu items. These new menu items are a result of listening to what guests want. While there is always a call for variety on the menu, the reality is that people want a “salad-turned-sandwich wrap” option. Whether it is convenience in eating or just variation on those favorite flavors, these two options are a must order during the promotion.

After trying both new menu items, the Beef Ranch is a hearty bite. The hand-sliced roast beef is the predominate flavor in each bite. Even though the wrap has “bacon, cheddar cheese, onion, lettuce, tomato, mayo, cucumber, ranch dressing, and mini croutons,” the roast beef is the primary flavor. The meat is definitely not hidden.

Also, the cucumbers in the wrap help to add some brightness to the rich flavors. It is nice to have a little lighter contrast with all the creamy ingredients.

Jimmy John's new limited edition wraps,
Jimmy John’s new limited edition wraps, photo by Cristine Struble /

Overall, the Beef Ranch is quite successful. Even though everyone enjoys that bag of chips with lunch, the wrap is filling enough that many people may not want all the extras in a lunch box.

The Chicken Caesar Salad feels just as if some took that favorite salad and made it portable. From the generous amount of seasoned chicken to the shave parmesan, it is a flavorful wrap. Plus, those little crunchy croutons sprinkled throughout make each bite even more tasty.

Also, the Garlic and Herb Wrap is a nice choice. It complements all the other flavors. Overall, this wrap is quite successful.

These two new menu innovations continue Jimmy John’s commitment to elevating the sandwich experience. While customization has always been part of the brand, the reality is that people want variety in a menu. These two new menu items continue to push that conversation forward.

The new Jimmy John’s limited edition wraps are available now through August 22, or while supplies last. The quick service restaurant shared that other new menu items may be coming throughout the year.

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What do you think of this new food offering? Are you already thinking about placing an order?