CheeriOats make their triumphant return to the cereal box

Cheerios birthday celebration, photo provided by Cheerios
Cheerios birthday celebration, photo provided by Cheerios /

Have you ever had a bowl of CheeriOats? While that name might sound familiar, the cereal in the bowl is. Did you have some Cheerios today?

As Cheerios celebrates its 80th birthday, it is bringing back its first look, CheeriOats. In 1941, the brand was one of first cereals made with whole-grain. Although that concept has filled millions of breakfast tables over the years, those little O’s were quite innovative at the time.

While the brand eventually changed its named to Cheerios in 1945, it wasn’t a short road to bringing all that whole grain goodness to the table. With “more than 500 formulas and more than 10 shapes and sizes tested,” brand never lost focus of its goal. From those first boxes to today’s multitude of flavors, every bowl of cereal is on a “mission to inspire happy hearts.”

As healthy eating concepts spark new conversations, Cheerios is and will continue to be part of that narrative. Since whole grain oats are part of a heart healthy diet, that cereal staple continues to be a favorite choice.

With the retro CheeriOats boxes hitting store shelves for its 80th birthday, Cheerios is asking people to share their favorite memories on social media. From that first food that kids fed themselves to learning to count, Cheerios is that food that is always part of people’s lives.

Is CheeriOats a reminder that Cheerios are a good source of fiber?

As part of this 80th birthday celebration, Cheerios is putting the oats back into the conversation. Kathy Dixon, Senior Brand Experience Manager for Cheerios, said, “Cheerios has always been about the oats, and we are using the 80th anniversary to remind consumers that soluble fiber from whole-grain oat foods, like those in Original and Honey Nut Cheerios cereals, can help lower cholesterol as part of a heart-healthy diet.”

While healthy eating is always part of the food conversation, many people want choices that are simple and easy. From that quick breakfast to even a simple snack, Cheerios continue to be that staple.

Through this retro box and 80th birthday celebration, it is serves as a reminder. Dixon said, “With more than 100 million Americans having some form of heart disease, Cheerios is prioritizing the importance of heart health and wants to remind Americans that a happy, heart-heathy lifestyle can be fun, easy, and delicious.”

Sometimes the easiest choices are the ones that people keep the longest. That bowl of Cheerios might be that commitment to good food choices that lasts a lifetime. Wonder what the brand will do for its 100th birthday?

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What is your favorite Cheerios memory? How many boxes of Cheerios do you have in the pantry?