Here’s how to get free Jack in the Box curly fries

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Move over Tiny Tacos and Oreo Cookie Shakes, it is time for free Jack in the Box curly fries. On July 13, it is time to celebrate National Curly Fry Day, not National French Fry Day. Luckily Jack in the Box and Gabriel Iglesias are making a plea that the best fries are a little curly.

Debating the best French fries can be heated conversation. With almost every quick service restaurant having some type of fries on the menu, the reality is that not all fries are created equal.

Putting aside who serves the most fries per container or who has the biggest bang for your buck, the reality is that most fries come down to curly versus straight. Where do you stand on this fry shape debate?

Gabriel Iglesias says free Jack in the Box curly fries for everyone!

As a Jack in the Box super fan, Gabriel Iglesias has been singing the praises of those tasty Curly Fries. Even though Iglesias might be “Fluffy” he appreciates that perfectly crisp, curly fry from the popular quick service restaurant.

Recently, Iglesias sought to convince others that curly fries are the best fries. As seen on social media, those iconic Jack in the Box Curly fries kept showing up in unusual places.

In an effort to change National French Fry Day to National Curly Fry Day, the pair went to various locations to give out free fries. Although this offer was limited to just a few locations, don’t fret. Jack in the Box has everyone covered.

On July 13, any order via the Jack app will come with a free order of Curly Fries. This offer is even better than finding that extra fry at the bottom of the bag.

Although this free food offer might not solve the which fry is supreme debate, it will bring smiles. After all, free food is always a tasty way to celebrate a national food holiday.

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What is your favorite fry? Do you always order fries with your meal?