OREO THINS Protection Program keeps your kids from stealing your cookies

OREO THINS Protection Program, photo provided by OREO
OREO THINS Protection Program, photo provided by OREO /

Sometimes parents need their sweet treats, and the OREO THINS Protection Program is here to ensure that those tasty sandwich cookies are always within reach. If you are tired of trying to find new hiding spots for your favorite OREO cookies, this new idea just might be the cookie savior.

Parents can have food dilemmas. Many families have had that moment when the cookie craving hits and the container has been put back on the shelf empty. No one ever admits to taking that last cookie. It is always some “cookie culprit” who has mysteriously taken all the cookies.

Although there could be a cookie camera ready to help solve that “cookie” caper, the reality is that there has to be a better way. Since some parents might be in need of better hiding solutions, OREO has come to their rescue. With the OREO THINS Protection Program, those favorite sandwich cookies will be safe from “cookie stealers.”

What is the OREO THINS Protection Program?

In collaboration with other iconic brands, like Green Giant, Hanes, Ford and Better Homes & Gardens, now those OREOS can be hidden in plain sight. No one will know that there are cookies in that mysterious wrapper.

In a perfectly camouflaged package, those OREO THINS look like that iconic Better Homes & Gardens cookbook or even a package of Green Giant Riced Cauliflower. Now, cookies can be on the shelf and no one (except the person who purchased them) will know about that secret stash.

Kevin Jonas and Dina Jonas for OREO THINS Protection Program
OREO THINS Protection Program, photo provided by OREO /

Even Dina and Kevin Jonas joined in the cookie hiding fun. The parents have had the problem of their kids “stealing their OREOS.” Having resorted to hiding in the pantry to enjoy their cookies, they are ready for a new approach.

As Kevin Jonas said, “it’s our house, they’re our cookies, so they got a camouflaged package to keep them safe.” After all, they are adults and they should be able to enjoy those cookies when and where they want. Luckily the OREO THINS Protection Program has come to their rescue.

Thinking about these new packages, it does take an approach that some parents have used before. Personally, I’ve hidden candy behind the frozen peas, in old box of fiber bars and even buried some items in a container of dried beans (no judgments). Parents are pretty resourceful, but they shouldn’t have to try so hard. Luckily, OREOS has found an easier solution.

If you are ready to join the OREO THINS Protection Program, check out the brand’s social media accounts to learn more about the OREO THINS Camo Packs and a huge giveaway.

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What is your most creative hiding place for your favorite food? Don’t worry, we won’t tell the kids (or your partner).