Panera is giving away year’s supply of its mac and cheese

Panera Brocoli Mac and cheese, photo provided by Panera
Panera Brocoli Mac and cheese, photo provided by Panera /

Move over soups and salads. Panera has a huge giveaway for National Mac and Cheese Day. Could you be one of the lucky ones to get a year’s supply of mac and cheese?

National food days often come with fun promotions. From special restaurant discounts to giveaways, there always seems to be a reason to enjoy a particular food on its respective food holiday.

Panera is celebrating National Mac and Cheese Day in a big way. For 15 lucky winners, they will receive a year’s supply of Panera mac and cheese. The special prize is available exclusively to MyPanera members and will be awarded as 1 free mac and cheese bowl per day uploaded to the account.

How can you enter to win Panera mac and cheese for a year?

Since Panera is looking for mac and cheese super fans, this giveaway is happening via social media, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. To enter, fans must post a “picture or video using #12MonthsOfMac, #sweepstakes, and @panerabread.

Thinking about this particular contest, the mac and cheese fans need to be creative. Sure, you can show off that cheesy tattoo, but this giveaway is a big one. It is time to prove that you are the ultimate mac and cheese fan. Whether it is an ode to mac and cheese, a video showcasing how cheesy good Panera is or something out of the ordinary, these submissions need to impress.

While this giveaway will showcase some cheesy creativity, the concept of a mac and cheese subscription might be an idea that many people would want. Although the price tag might be a little high, why couldn’t there be a frequent buyer program.

Panera has successfully leveraged its coffee subscription program, could another menu item be used in a similar way? Although the cost of a cup of coffee and a bowl of mac and cheese is vastly different, it could happen. Why couldn’t there be a soup or bread subscription on the Panera menu?

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For now, Panera is giving away a year’s supply of mac and cheese to 15 lucky people. Will you be one of the lucky ones devouring all that cheesy goodness?