Kim Crawford Illuminate shines a new light on a popular New Zealand wine

Kim Crawford Illuminate Photographer - Jennifer Chong / Prop Stylist - Alicia Buszczak
Kim Crawford Illuminate Photographer - Jennifer Chong / Prop Stylist - Alicia Buszczak /

Pouring a glass of Kim Crawford feels like enjoying a night with an old friend. With Kim Crawford Illuminate, that best friend has a little new sparkle to the glass. Just like a new outfit adds a little brightness to the day, this better for you wine could add a little pep to your step.

While the term “better for you wine” can be a little muddled, this category of wines are often lower in calories than a traditional glass of wine and they tend to be lower in sugar, as shared by With a wide variety of brands offering this category of wines, they tend to focus on white wines and rose wine. Those two varieties can more easily be adapted to the lower calorie, lower sugar option.

When it comes to Kim Crawford Illuminate, the uber popular New Zealand wine appreciates that its consumer wants options. Some days and some occasions call for a lighter wine. Giving its fans a full spectrum of wines on the shelf makes it easy for fans to try something new yet appreciate it will be similar to their favorite wine.

How should you serve Kim Crawford Illuminate?

Thinking about the Kim Crawford Illuminate, the flavors of the classic Malbrough Sauvignon Blanc and Rose are inherently in this wine. While the feel is slightly lighter and the aromas might not be quite as pronounced, the essence of the wine is still in every glass.

On a warm summer day, these wines are your new best friend. Although no one is suggesting over-drinking, the reality is that this lighter wine is perfect for the pool day, backyard barbecue or even the day at the beach.

When pairing these wines, they go best with some fresh, seasonal foods. A bright watermelon and feta salad would be delightful. The crispness of the wine with the freshness of the salad play off each other.

In many ways, these wines invite a conversation on pairing food and wine. Since the wines are a little lighter, it can make for a fun afternoon of food and wine experimentation. From that light crudite to a cheese plate to even a dessert board, the desire to sip and nibble is a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

Also, another thought pouring thought for the Kim Crawford Illuminate is to use it in a cocktail. While some people have used the wine spritz as a way to lighten up a traditional glass of wine, this wine can build off that idea using wine with other ingredients.

Staring with herbal, citrus flavors in the sauvignon blanc, it can be a little more tropical a hint of lime and a slant on a margarita. Or, channel your British side with a twist on a classic Pimms cocktail.

‘With the rose, it is even easier to transform the wine. From a simple sangria to adding some ginger tea to layer some spice notes, these wines invite creativity. And, with the lower sugar and calories, people aren’t afraid to experiment.

Should Kim Crawford Illuminate replace my favorite bottle?

As a fan of the iconic Kim Crawford, this wine isn’t necessarily about forever pushing that best wine friend aside. It is more about having options on the shelf.

Just like a well-stocked closet, some options are right for some occasions, but not always the best choice for others. On a hot day, the lower calorie, lighter wine is perfection.

Contrast that idea to a chilly winter night with a big bowl of stew. It might be better to have a heartier wine. Again, it is about having options.

Kim Crawford Illuminate in both Sauvignon Blanc and Rose is available at various retailers. The Sauvignon Blanc and Rose have 70 calories per serving.

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