Gordon Ramsay Uncharted Mexico, exclusive video preview and recipe

Oaxaca, Mexico - Gordon Ramsay (R) and chef, Gabriela Camara (L), during the final cook in Mexico. (Credit: National Geographic/Justin Mandel)
Oaxaca, Mexico - Gordon Ramsay (R) and chef, Gabriela Camara (L), during the final cook in Mexico. (Credit: National Geographic/Justin Mandel) /

In the Gordon Ramsay Uncharted Mexico episode, the celebrated chef goes south of the border to explore the nuances of Mexican cuisine. While some people might think of tacos and burritos as Mexican food, the reality is that the stories and traditions on the plate bring the flavor to each dish.

While many people think of the rich culinary history in Europe, the reality is that Mexican culture can tell a story on the plate. As many traditions and culinary secrets are passed down through families, the reality is that one plate of food is more than the sum of its ingredients. It is a journey through the past.

In Gordon Ramsay Uncharted Mexico, the celebrated chef is set on a mission by Gabriela Camara. As one of the country’s most influential and respected chefs, she has been named the “star of modern Mexican cuisine.” Diners at Contramar go for some of the freshest seafood in Mexico City but stay for the vibe.

One of the most coveted foods in Mexican cuisine is the mole. Although a staple, no two moles are the same. From secret ingredients to cooking lengths, that robust flavor of a great mole is a food memory that will linger forever.

As seen in the upcoming Gordon Ramsay Uncharted Mexico, Nat Geo shared this exclusive recipe for Mole Negro Braised Chicken.

Gordon Ramsay Uncharted Mexicao
Gordon Ramsay Uncharted (Credit: National Geographic/Justin Mandel) /

With this recipe, the complexity doesn’t come without effort, but it should be overwhelming. Also, the chicken legs are key to the recipe. The dark meat can stand up to the robust flavors. This recipe might become a family tradition in your home.

Although this Gordon Ramsay Uncharted season has been full of stunning ingredients and stories, many people long for the silly moments along the journey. As seen in previous seasons, the celebrated chef can be a little less adventurous when it comes to some non-traditional proteins.

In this exclusive clip from Nat Geo, Chef Ramsay finds a new sweet treat to try.

While few people might go in search of honey ants, the reality is that finding natural sugar sources can be a game changer. In most homes, it will not be this ingredient, but what about using dates instead of sugar. Sometimes those little changes can and do make a difference.

Gordon Ramsay Uncharted Mexico airs on Nat Geo on Sunday, July 18 at 9 p.m. EST. In addition, it will be available to stream on Disney+.

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What has been your favorite Gordon Ramsay Uncharted episode this season? Have you made any of the recipes from the season?