Carl’s Jr celebrates its 80th birthday with a special retro menu

Carl's Jr birthday menu, photo provided by Carl's Jr
Carl's Jr birthday menu, photo provided by Carl's Jr /

While everyone might associate that Famous Star with Carl’s Jr, the celebrated quick service restaurant started with a different menu back in 1941. When Carl Karcher started in Los Angeles, he opened a hot dog cart. Although today’s offerings might be more than just that hot dog in a bun, this year’s 80th birthday celebration is taking on a retro menu feel.

Over the years, Carl’s Jr has always foraged its own path. From the first quick service restaurant to offer Beyond Meat to even celebrating 4/20 with its first-ever CBD-infused burger. That willing to push the boundaries of what its brand can be sets it apart.

Still, the brand never has lost sight of what drives customers to come back time and again. The combination of innovation and satisfying flavors has made it a legend.

As CEO of CKE Restaurants Holdings, Ned Lyerly, said, “The history of the brand is woven into our DNA and it continues to shine through every new innovation as we take Carl’s Jr. to new heights each year.”

What is Carl’s Jr serving for its 80th birthday celebration?

On July 17, Carl’s Jr is celebrating at one of its first locations in Anaheim, California. This one of a kind birthday menu has a little retro menu fell with a Hot Dog Stand. Building on some of the infamous burger flavors, these hot dogs include a nod to the Western Bacon Cheeseburger and the Famous Star.

Since celebrations often include desserts, the menu also features Cake Shakes. These options include Chocolate Oreo Cake Shake and Strawberry Cheesecake Shake. Also, there will be Unicorn Shakes available.

Even though everyone cannot make it to the Anaheim location, all Carl’s Jr locations will be celebrating the 80th birthday. On July 17, guess can get buy one get one for 80 cents. This offer is available on Carl Jr’s classic burgers. Those items include “Famous Star with Cheese, Western Bacon Cheeseburger, or Big Carl.” Guests need to present the digital coupon to receive this offer.

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What is your favorite Carl’s Jr menu item? Are you hungry to celebrate its 80th birthday?