Hell’s Kitchen Young Guns recap: Cooking for your life creates unexpected outcomes

HELL'S KITCHEN: Contestants in the “Young Guns: A Devilish Challenge” episode airing Monday, July 19 (8:00-9:01PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Scott Kirkland / FOX. © 2021 FOX MEDIA LLC.
HELL'S KITCHEN: Contestants in the “Young Guns: A Devilish Challenge” episode airing Monday, July 19 (8:00-9:01PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Scott Kirkland / FOX. © 2021 FOX MEDIA LLC. /

In this Hell’s Kitchen Young Guns recap, the teams thought that the pressure was off when dinner service was off the table. Even though each chef had some one-on-one time with Gordon Ramsay, the reality is that every action has a consequence in Hell’s Kitchen. Did the chefs finally learn a lesson about communication?

While much was said about the ages of the chefs on this season of Hell’s Kitchen, the reality is that the number isn’t necessarily the issue. It comes down to maturity. From the finger pointing to the inability to accept responsibility for their actions, the chefs have many lessons to learn beyond the finer points of cooking Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen menu.

As seen in recent dinner services, the chefs are having communication issues in the kitchen. While these chefs can cook, they cannot cook as a kitchen brigade. Without finding a way to bring out the best in each other, everyone will continue to fail.

For the first Hell’s Kitchen Young Guns challenge, the chefs had to do a relay style cook for the classic menu items. With only seconds to switch between teams, this challenge was designed to show that working as a team is the only way to complete a well-executed dish.

It is clear that some chefs appreciate the process and method better than others. From starting the proteins first to ensuring a good plan, this challenge isn’t about driving your own course. It was about setting up your partner for success.

In the end, the Red Team won, again. Overall, this group of chefs is starting to find their groove. Even though there are a few weaknesses, the team as a whole succeeds.

Is Josie giving up on Hell’s Kitchen Young Guns?

During the relay challenge, one aspect was concerning. While no one is criticizing Josie for being a vegan chef, her choice not to taste food while cooking is a detriment to both herself and her teammates. When she didn’t taste the sauce, it became overly salty.

Although she could have had a teammate taste her food, not trying certain foods can be problematic. Chefs need to taste, taste and taste again when it comes to a dish. Proper seasoning does not just magically appear. It requires finesse. There is no simple math equation.

While Josie has every right to be a vegan chef, the reality of not tasting all the components on a plate can cause her problems. What would happen in a situation where she is cooking on her own and didn’t taste anything? Would you be a happy diner with an improperly seasoned plate of food?

Which Hell’s Kitchen Young Guns had to cook for their lives?

During this Hell’s Kitchen episode, the chefs had some one on one time with Gordon Ramsay. While each chef received feedback, it was a test. All the comments about the weakest link was compiled into the five chefs that the fellow chefs were the least successful.

Going into the cook for their lives battle were Sam, Josie, Emily, Victoria and Keanu. The five chefs were given the same set of ingredients and were able to compose their own dish. While each chef took a very different approach, there was a hint that a few chefs were most likely going to be safe.

Since this challenge was basically a comparison of dishes, the chefs only had to be better than someone else. It wasn’t that the chef had to be the best ever or the most innovative. The chefs who executed well had a strong chance of returning to the dorms.

It was interesting that both Josie and Emily were in the bottom. Some of their execution mistakes come from their lack of experience cooking some proteins, like cutting the double bone pork chop. Between lack of experience and unfamiliarity, these mistakes put them at a disadvantage.

The biggest telling sign from this challenge was the lack of creativity in these dishes. Even though the goal was to be better than one other chef, the reality is that there needs to be a spark on the plate. Sure, a well-cooked pork chop will probably get a chef sent back to the dorm, but it might not keep a chef in the competition much longer.

In the end, a poorly cooked pork chop got Keanu sent home. The overly charred pork could not be saved.

This elimination was quite surprising. Overall, Keanu had done well, but a poorly timed mistake caused her downfall.

Looking ahead, it is still unclear if some chefs can pull away from the pack. Trenton and Steve have done well and seem to be on a path to a black jacket. Could a male chef win Hell’s Kitchen Season 20?

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What do you think of the Hell’s Kitchen Young Guns season so far? Do you think that any of these chefs can rise to the occasion?