Uber Eats and Travis Scott’s Cacti offer exclusive merchandise

Travis Scott and Uber Eats exclusive Cacti merchandise, photo provided by Uber Eats
Travis Scott and Uber Eats exclusive Cacti merchandise, photo provided by Uber Eats /

Have you fallen in love with Cacti hard seltzer by Travis Scott? Uber Eats is giving everyone a reason to place another order of that hard seltzer. Want the chance to score some exclusive Cacti merchandise?

This summer has been a huge one for Cacti. From the initial launch to the special cans with winning codes, everyone has been keeping their refrigerators stocked with that refreshing hard seltzer.

Now, Uber Eats is joining with Travis Scott’s Cacti to offers a special, limited edition Cacti merchandise offer. This special event is happening ahead of the Loud music festival.

How can you get your hands on this Cacti merchandise?

According to Uber Eats, the offer will be available in Chicago, Washington DC, Miami, Orlando and Tampa. Purchases of Cacti via Uber Eats from July 21 through July 25 will receive information on how they can win these special items.

The special microsite will offer the details on winning the Cacti merchandise which includes “Scott’s signature army green adorned with a handwritten note from Travis Scott himself.” This look would pair perfectly with that signature strawberry hard seltzer.

Cacti merchandise on Uber Eats
Travis Scott and Uber Eats deal, photo provided by Uber Eats /

This summer has been a big one for Cacti. Since the launch, the hard seltzer has resonated with fans. Although this beverage segment has soared in popularity, not all options are as popular as others. Even popular brands have missed the mark.

One of the reasons why the Cacti has done well is the flavors. The agave hard seltzer has a crisp taste that offers a wide appeal. With approachable flavors, it was a well-conceived concept beyond the Travis Scott connection.

For many people who are fans not just of the hard seltzer, but also of Scott, this Uber Eats offer will be a must order. Even just the opportunity to score some of this Cacti merchandise is worth ordering a 12-pack today.

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What do you think of this Uber Eats offer? Do you wish that it was available in your area?