Easy, tasty twists on a classic s’mores recipe

Ghirardelli S'mores, photo provided by Ghirardelli
Ghirardelli S'mores, photo provided by Ghirardelli /

That classic s’mores recipe is always a summertime favorite dessert. While savory s’mores have introduced a new flavor to the dessert space, the reality is that s’mores lend themselves to creative recipes. From simple twists to over the top indulgence, the options could have you sitting by a campfire all night long.

While people can debate the perfect “doneness” of a toasted marshmallow, the reality is that there is something about that ooey, gooey flavor and texture that is so tempting.

Still, some people prefer a simpler way to enjoy that classic s’mores flavor. Luckily Walmart has a variety of s’mores flavored treats that deliver the marshmallow and chocolate goodness ready to go. From some tasty cookies to even other desserts transformed with that classic flavor combination, this idea my be the easiest option on the plate.

Which classic s’mores recipe is the best?

In a recent survey by Ghirardelli Chocolate Company said, “70% of Americans agree that it is not summer until they have had a s’more.” Since there is still plenty of summertime to be enjoyed, it seems that it is time to break out the chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers.

Creating the perfect s’more is part art and part science. While the majority of people say that having the taste of chocolate in every bite is paramount, chocolate doesn’t have to be the only flavor. For example, adding caramel or peanut butter to the chocolate makes all the other flavors and textures even tastier.

That combination of flavors with the chocolate is why many people turn to Ghirardelli and its iconic chocolate squares for s’mores. From being the perfect size to the various flavor options, it makes for an easy way to balance both the familiar and the new flavors in that s’more.

For that next s’mores evening, why not set up a s’mores board with some all the components. Since Ghirardelli has some variety packages of candy, let everyone pick their favorite flavors and play. Even if the kids go a little extreme with the flavor combinations, all the laughter served with the dessert makes that bite even sweeter.

And, since the majority of people cannot stop at just one s’more, the reality is that each one can be a little different. Given that most people have up to four or five in one sitting, that variety bag of Ghirardelli holds all the possibilities.

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What is secret to the perfect s’mores. Do you have a fun twist on a classic s’more recipe?