How to avoid that nail cracking catastrophe when cracking a Hornitos tequila seltzer

(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images for Hornitos® Tequila )
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images for Hornitos® Tequila ) /

Don’t let that fabulous manicure get ruined this summer, Hornitos Tequila and Celebrity Nail Artist Chaun Legend have created three tired and true methods to keep that beverage flowing and the nails on point.

Sometimes food and beverages are just as much about making a statement as they are about the most refreshing taste. Although the hard seltzer market continues to be the must have refreshment of the summer, the reality is that those cans might not be the best for that stylish manicure.

Luckily, Hornitos partnered with Chaun Legend to help avoid that nail cracking catastrophe. With so much effort into making sure that color and design is perfection, no one wants to see it all go to waste. Luckily, these options are simple and achievable.

For those people who might not recognize the name Chaun Legend, this nail art is legendary. With a long list of celebrity clients, his designs push the boundaries of what nail art can be.

Even though many people may not be able to have one of his designs grace their hands, many people can appreciate ruining a manicure. From that chip to a broken nail, there is nothing worse that looking down and feeling disappointment.

Hornitos offers three ways to avoid a nail cracking catastrophe

Since the Hornitos Tequila Seltzers are in the cooler and the nails are painted perfection, Chaun Legend shared three simple tips to ensure that this summer is kind to that nail art. Now, the best of both worlds are at your fingertips.

The side finger

Although no one wants the side eye, using the side of your finger is a good choice to open that can. It is probably the simplest way and it is quite effective.

The filing method

This idea isn’t about filing away that Hornitos. Instead use a nail filed to slide under the pull tab. If you don’t have a nail file on hand, the premise can be applied to similar items. Just don’t crack that debit card on the corner.

The buddy system

Since many people enjoy a Hornitos Tequila Seltzer with friends, why not ask a friend to open it. Good friends don’t let each other ruin their manicures.

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These ideas are just a few suggestions. While friends don’t let friends overindulge, they also don’t let friends have a nail cracking catastrophe.