Burger King new menu items go bigger with bacon limited time offering

New Burger King bacon menu items, photo provided by Burger King
New Burger King bacon menu items, photo provided by Burger King /

The old phrase that everything is better with bacon describes the Burger King new menu items. While the quick service restaurant has always believed in doing things your way, the reality is that more and more people want their food the bacon way, with more bacon. Ready to place a food order?

In a recent announcement, the Burger King new menu items are the Garlic and Bacon King and the Breakfast Bacon King. Yes, it is possible to have bacon at every meal of the day.

For those people who want to start the day with bacon, the Breakfast Bacon King is a hearty breakfast sandwich. Served on a brioche bun, the sandwich features eggs, a sausage patty, American cheese and, of course, lots of bacon.

Looking at this new breakfast sandwich option, the limited time menu item is a big sandwich. While the combination of ingredients isn’t too unusual, the brioche bun makes the difference. It brings a richer flavor to that breakfast option.

Are you ready for the bold flavors of the Burger King new menu items?

The big game changer is the Garlic and Bacon King. While the Bacon King has been a menu favorite, the addition of the garlic pieces will have many people jumping for joy. By adding this flavor, it gives the quick service restaurant offering a little more elevated taste. It is almost like a pub style burger.

Thinking ahead, this new Burger King offering could predict future offerings. While many new menu items focus on bigger sandwiches, it could be time to focus on flavor. Beyond garlic, the options of other ingredients are many.

And, sandwiched between all this bacon news is the return of a menu favorite. The Cheesy Tots are back again. This menu option would be perfect with that new Garlic and Bacon King.

According to Burger King, the bacon menu items are priced at “the Garlic & Bacon King Sandwich is $6.99, Breakfast Bacon King is $4.29 and $1 Your Way Bacon Cheeseburger.” The new menu items are available for a limited time.

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Are you ready for more bacon? What other new food menu items would you like to see added.