Rachel Harris shares how her go to beverage helps her to savor every summer sip, interview

Rachel Harris for Blue Moon, photo provided by Blue Moon
Rachel Harris for Blue Moon, photo provided by Blue Moon /

From leisurely nights to sunny days, that perfect summer beverage is a must for Rachel Harris. While people can debate which drinks need to be in the cooler, the reality is that this season is all about savoring every sip. It is time to enjoy the moment and crack open a can.

Recently, Rachel Harris has partnered with Blue Moon LightSky on the campaign for Savor Every Sip. While the classic Blue Moon beer, a Belgium Wheat beer, is always a refreshing choice, some people are preferring a lighter option, like Blue Moon LightSky.

Even though the Blue Moon LightSky is a light beer, the tangerine notes make it bright and refreshing. For a lighter beer, it is full of flavor. It goes to show that light beer isn’t just limited to lagers. As seen in the recent campaign with Harris, it is time to change that perception on light beer.

Rachel Harris spoke to FoodSided about Savoring Every Sip with Blue Moon LightSky.

While this new Blue Moon LightSky campaign has a little tongue and cheek humor the reality is that sometimes the life is about those simple pleasures. As Harris shared, her go to summer beer Blue Moon LightSky because “it’s light and full of flavor. It’s perfect as-is, right from the can.”

Plus, with the Blue Moon LightSky being just 95 calories and 3.6 carbs, Harris thinks that a “cold beer is a great option” to cool off with all this summer heat. More importantly, she believes that “you’ll want to savor every sip.”

Since the Blue Moon LightSky has the tangerine flavor, it lends itself to some tasty food and beverage pairings. While everyone is welcome to sip and savor a variety of options, Harris shared some of her favorite suggestions.

For her, Harris said, “I’d recommend enjoying it alongside some street tacos or bringing to your next backyard barbecue where there’s sure to be grilled chicken or a fresh summer salad.” While these options are great during the summer, the reality is that “It’s perfect to share with friends in any season.”

As many people are making up for last year’s lost summer, the reality is that people do not want the festivities to have any mis-steps. Harris said, “for me, one of the biggest party fouls is spilled beer.” But, she said that “summer daytime drinking occasions are meant to be enjoyed (and savored)” and hopefully there is some LightSky within arm’s reach.

And, sometimes that ice cold beverage can be the party savior. When that party lull happens, Harris said, “That’s the time to start asking questions. Does anyone need another LightSky? Should I turn the music up? Who needs another taco or dip in the pool?”

Lastly, having the right mix of people at a party can be the best way to make the event a festive one. Since Harris has played many memorable characters over the year, FoodSided had to ask, which of her characters would throw the best party?

Harris said, “Dr. Linda Martin of Lucifer would throw the best summer party. Being a therapist, she’s keen to know what her party guests ‘truly desire.’ Linda would take the time to make sure guests could savor every moment of the party and every sip of the perfect summer beverage… Blue Moon LightSky.”

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Are you ready to savor every sip this summer? More importantly, do you have some Blue Moon LightSky chilled ready for that next get together?