Campbell Soup Company refreshes its look to honor the brand’s history

Campbell's new label, photo provided by Campbell's
Campbell's new label, photo provided by Campbell's /

For many households, the pantry is always stocked a can of Campbell’s soup and now the iconic Campbell Soup Company is getting a refreshed look. While those classic red, white and gold colors are still present, the reality is that the new look balances the brand’s history and its place in food culture.

From a warm bowl of soup on a chilly day to the secret ingredient to a variety of recipes, Campbell Soup Company and its products are always a kitchen essential. It is that can that you can count on no matter what. Whether it is that bowl of tomato soup served with a grilled cheese when you are feeling under the weather or the cream of mushroom soup that thickens a sauce in a dish, it is the food that always is mmm good.

Just like how the flavor is comforting, that Campbell Soup Company label is iconic. While that Andy Warhol pop art depiction is known beyond the art world, the brand’s design has had more than its 15 minutes of fame. Similar to other iconic brands, even before you read the letters, people know what’s behind the label.

According to Linda Lee, Chief Marketing Officer, Meals & Beverages, Campbell Soup Company, “We’ve been on a journey to reimagine this iconic brand and appeal to new generations of consumers who are cooking at home more than ever, while still honoring our rich history.”

Looking at the new design, the iconic red and white color blocking continues but new elements have been added. With a contemporary nod, the logo harkens back to Joseph Campbell’s original signature. Added to that other hidden elements, there are many parts to digest in this label redesign.

How is Campbell Soup Company celebrating this label refresh?

To celebrate the Campbell Soup Company refreshed look, the company has Sophia Chang, street-style artist and illustrator, to create NFT pieces of art. Blending photo-real elements, words and the classic color scheme, this art is a modern inspiration of the well-known image.

Chang said, “Some of the most famous pop art ever created was inspired by the Campbell’s red and white can – the design is as much a staple of the grocery aisle as it is American culture.”

Campbell Soup NFT
Campbell’s new label, photo provided by Campbell’s /

Lee shared “The commissioning of our first-ever NFT art piece pays tribute to our place in art and pop culture, while celebrating in the most modern art medium to date. Sophia was a natural choice given her street art sensibility and her love of the Campbell’s brand and its connection to the art world.”

The Campbell Soup Brand NFT will be available for purchase via NTWRK on July 27 at 5:30 p.m. ET. Also, “one exclusive and animated NFT art piece is available for auction on OpenSea beginning at 9 a.m. ET on July 27 and extending through August 6 at 9 p.m. ET.”

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Sometimes food is more than just satisfying a hunger. Food and culture are entwined in many ways. From pantry to the wall, the plate is overflowing with food connections.