Corona Hard Seltzer Limonada brings cool refreshment when there’s mucho calor

Corona Hard Seltzer Limonada, photo provided by Corona
Corona Hard Seltzer Limonada, photo provided by Corona /

While Corona is the finest beer, the new Corona Hard Seltzer Limonada is the perfect sip of refreshment on a hot day. Borrowing from classic Mexican limonada recipes, this beverage is citrus forward. If you are looking for that punch of flavor with a hint of sweetness, this new beverage offering needs to be poured into the glass.

Over the past year, many people have found new ways to expand their horizons. From discovering new flavors to even learning a new language, some of that down time has been productive.

Corona is proud of its Mexican heritage and wants to share some of its culture with others. While many people can envision that Corona and lime under the beach palm tree, the reality is that sight is just one aspect to the brand. With this new offering, the brand is ready to make a bigger splash.

The Corona Hard Seltzer Limonada has recently partnered with Duolingo to help everyone sound a little more polished with asking for this new beverage. Even if that Spanish high school class has long been erased from the deep corners of the mind, the reality is that everyone can always learn some new information.

As Ann Legan, vice president of brand marketing, Corona. “With this Duolingo partnership, we wanted to playfully embrace the special role language plays in bringing different cultures to life as we welcome our newest hard seltzer to the Corona family.”

According to Sam Dalsimer, global head of communications at Duolingo, “One of the hardest things about learning a new language is sticking with it and making learning fun is the key to staying motivated. I love that a brand like Corona is using its reach and influence to honor the importance of language and proper pronunciation — and is keeping it fun.”

Quieres bebir una Corona Hard Seltzer Limonada?

While Duolingo and Corona are helping to correctly pronounce “limonada,” the reality is that the flavor in the can needs to deliver the perfect refreshment. Drawing inspiration from authentic Mexican limonada recipes, these four beverages are definitely citrus forward.

While a limonada can be either lemon or lime forward, the slight tartness from the fruit is key. It is different from a classic lemonade, but it still has that freshness that people expect. Since lemon beverages are thirst quenching on a hot day, these beverages are quite appealing when the temperature rise.

The Corona Hard Seltzer Limonada is available in Classic Lemon Lime, Strawberry, Watermelon and Grapefruit. Looking at each of the flavors, the watermelon is the most interesting option. The combination of citrus with watermelon makes it perfectly refreshing on a hot day.

Whether you can correctly say, Dame una Corona Hard Seltzer Limonada, por favor or need a little more work to correctly pronounce lee-moh-naa-da, the reality is that cracking open a can can be the first step to discovering a new taste of refreshment.

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Consumers can get a free one-month subscription to Duolingo Plus with the code LIMONADA. Corona Hard Seltzer Limonada is available at nation wide retailers. It is sold in 12-pack, 12 oz cans.

Are you ready to sip your way to refreshment? What new skill or piece of knowledge are you ready to discover?