National Chicken Wing Day Deals: Grab plenty of napkins for all the deliciousness

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Whether you like the drums, the flats, spicy or sweet, these National Chicken Wing Day Deals will have everyone enjoying chicken wings all day on July 29. Just remember to grab some extra napkins so you that you don’t spill on your shirt.

The celebration of this national food holiday goes back to 1977 in Buffalo, New York. While Buffalo has a long chicken wing tradition, the reality is that wings have become a staple food. Beyond sports food or bar food, those flavorful bites are just too good to resist.

Since a chicken wing can take on a variety of flavors, there is always a new choice on the plate. From extreme spice to global influences, you could eat chicken wings every day of the week and never repeat.

Which National Chicken Wing Day Deals are must try?

Buffalo Wild Wings

Everyone knows that wings are a highlight of the Buffalo Wild Wings menu. On July 29, the restaurant brand will be offering buy one get one free order of boneless wings. While restaurant location and participation varies, a BOGO offer is a reason to make a visit.

Pepsi and Duff's National Chicken Wing Day Promo
Pepsi and Duff’s National Chicken Wing Day Promo, photo provided by Pepsi /

Pepsi and Duff’s Famous Wings

Since chicken wings are always better with Pepsi, the popular beverage brand has partnered with select Duff’s locations in Buffalo to offer free chicken wings. If you are in the area, lunch is on Pepsi.


Why have one deal when you can have multiple deals. 7-Eleven is offering two buy one get one deals on July 29. First, 7-Eleven Delivery will offer 5-count bone-in wings as a BOGO. Orders need to be made via the app.

Second, 7Rewards members can head to their local 7-Eleven for a BOGO boneless chicken wing skewers. Definitely try the hot honey flavor, and maybe grab a Slurpee to enjoy with the wings.

Smokey Bones and The Wing Experience

Sometimes a national food holiday brings an even bigger deal. According to the brand, it is offering “eight FREE boneless wings with the purchase of four whole wings.” The offer is available both at Smokey Bones and its virtual brand, The Wing Experience.

Plus, The Wing Experience offers 50 different flavors. While many people have their favorite choice, the national food holiday might be time to step out of the flavor comfort zone.


While there have been all types of comments on a “wing shortage” ThighStop is taking a different approach to National Chicken Wing Day. On July 29, guest can receive “two free bone-in things with any purchase.” While there are 11 different flavors on the menu, the exclusive Jamaican Jerk BBQ is a must try, especially since it is a limited edition flavor.


If you prefer to be the chef, Perdue has a National Chicken Wing Day Bundle. For $69.99, the bundle features 15 pounds of chicken wings. The frozen, ready to cook wings can take on anyone’s favorite flavors. From that perfected dry rub to a sensational sauce, with 15 pounds of wings, it can be fun to play with the various flavor combinations.

Frank’s RedHot

If you put that “stuff” on everything, Frank’s RedHot is asking fans to put their chicken wing knowledge to the test. All day long, the brand’s Twitter account will be asking fans to prove their knowledge by answering trivia. Some people might win a variety of prizes. Just don’t spill on your keyboard.

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Which National Chicken Wing Day Deals are tempting you? How many chicken wings do you think that you will order on July 29?