Popeyes nuggets extend an olive branch to end the chicken wars

Popeyes Nuggets announcement, photo provided by Popeyes
Popeyes Nuggets announcement, photo provided by Popeyes /

With a simple phrase, Popeyes nuggets might have made the most meaningful debuts on quick service restaurant menu. Although quick service restaurants are always looking for an edge or way to capture that savvy customer, this announcement changes the conversation in a meaningful way. As Popeyes “comes in piece,” it might endear the brand to even more people.

Who doesn’t remember the launch of the now infamous Popeyes chicken sandwich. From celebrities to the long lines to the jumping for joy at the first taste, that one chicken sandwich was a quick service restaurant game changer.

After that launch, the chicken sandwich conversation has continued to take center stage. Even though the plant-based food trend might try to take over, the reality is that chicken has pecked its way to the top. From spicy flavors to the special sauces, the truth is that is all about the poultry.

Although the back and forth best talk has had people picking sides, the reality is that there doesn’t need to be a war. People have flavor preferences and that should be celebrated. Popeyes believes that it is time to waive the white napkin.

As part of the Popeyes nuggets launch, it released this new campaign, we come in piece, 8 piece that is.

Bruno Cardinali, Chief Marketing Officer, Popeyes , “The launch of our Chicken Sandwich was incredible, and we’re humbled by the amount of love and positive reviews, but at the same time many claimed that it started the chicken wars. Now, it’s time to say goodbye to the chicken wars and celebrate our new Nuggets, because we come in piece, 8 piece to be exact,” said Bruno Cardinali, Chief Marketing Officer, Popeyes

Given that Popeyes is all about its Southern hospitality, this concept plays to the brand’s roots. Before anyone puts a different spin on the concept, the reality is that this message is meant to be positive one.

Through The Popeyes Foundation, the brand has purchased “the cash equivalent of one million nuggets from fellow nugget brands (including their own), which will be donated to Second Harvest Food Bank of Greater New Orleans & Acadiana” Additionally, donations can be made via the foundation’s website and the company will match those online donations.

In the past year, many people have come to appreciate that positive action can reap great rewards. While it can be entertaining to see brands battle for food supremacy, the reality is that flavor brings people back time and again. When a product is well made, delivers on its expectations and brings people back, it has already won the war. There is no debate, and the conversation can cease.

The biggest hope in this Popeyes nuggets campaign of “we come in piece” could be a spark to start a replacement conversation for those chicken wars. Wouldn’t it be nice for other brands to follow Popeyes route and extend their own olive branch in response. What if another quick service restaurant donated to a charity in their effort to end the food wars. That concept could be seed of change that would benefit everyone.

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Are you hungry to try the new Popeyes nuggets? What do you think of the new “we come in piece” campaign?