2021 ALDI Fan Favorites bring new foods and flavors to the table

2021 ALDI Fan Favorites, photo provided by ALDI
2021 ALDI Fan Favorites, photo provided by ALDI /

While every week there are new ALDI Finds, the 2021 ALDI Fan Favorites list shows that the popular grocery store chain offers the perfect blend of food trends and traditional offerings. Whether it is that weekly trip to discover a new food offering or stocking up on every day favorites, ALDI has become a leader in value and great products. There is a reason why everyone has that quarter ready in their car to ensure that any ALDI stop is a fruitful one.

In 2019, the brand launched its ALDI Fan Favorites. Over the years, the list has evolved, just like consumers’ shopping habits. From incorporating more plant based food to a taste of nostalgia, the shelves are always stocked with items that fit each and every craving.

According to Scott Patton, Vice President of National Buying, “ALDI fandom runs deep, and our customers are proud to share their enthusiasm for our exclusive products. Customers count on ALDI for low prices in every aisle. Despite the changes in shopping patterns throughout the past year, the number of repeat winners shows customers found comfort in their go-to products.”

According to the Fan Favorites survey, “71% of 2021 responded indicate that they shop at ALDI at least one or more times a week.” From that last minute dinner grab to the weekly shopping trip, everyone is always looking for those amazing, must have finds.

What food is on the 2021 ALDI Fan Favorites list?

This year’s list balanced iconic offerings, like the ALDI chicken breasts, with some new offerings. In total, the survey included 10 new categories.

Here is the complete list according to ALDI.

  • Cult Favorite: Appleton Farms Premium Sliced Bacon*
  • Stream and Snack: Clancy’s Kettle Chips
  • Morning Meeting Must-Haves: Specialty Selected Bagels*
  • Guilt-Free Go-Tos: Friendly Farms Almond, Coconut & Oat Milk
  • Guess Who’s Back: Huntington Home 3 Wick Candles*
  • Mama Knows Best: Mama Cozzi’s Take & Bake Deli Pizza*
  • Little Fan Favorites: Happy Farms String Cheese
  • Sip and Celebrate: PurAqua Belle Vie Sparkling Flavored Water*
  • Dinner Delight: Fresh Family Pack Chicken Breasts*
  • Keeping it Fresh: Strawberries*

Looking at this list, it is interesting that the cult favorite product is bacon. Even as healthy eating topics continue to take over the table, people cannot resist a crispy piece of bacon. From a breakfast side to a topping on a burger, there is always room for more bacon.

Of course, long time ALDI favorites fill the list. From the Mama Cozzi pizzas to Clancy’s Chips, these food staples are legendary.

In addition, a few items show that ALDI is keeping up with trends. From the plant-based milks to the flavored sparkling waters, the brand is never stagnant. By implementing food trends, the company ensures customer loyalty time and again.

While this 2021 ALDI Fan Favorites list might be items already in your cart or if the list sparks a desire to try something new, the truth is that ALDI is and will continue to grow. The great value and quality products have won many shoppers over. Even for the person who just shopped to get those Advent Calendars discovered the grocery store gem that has become their shopping habit.

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What is your favorite ALDI Find? Are your favorites on this 2021 ALDI Fan Favorites list?