Sake slushie will have you saying au revoir to frose

Tozai sake, Snow Maiden, photo provided by Tozai
Tozai sake, Snow Maiden, photo provided by Tozai /

Beverage trends are always evolving, and summer is the time when many people experiment with new options. While the frose is as refreshing as it is picturesque, it is time to discover a new beverage, the sake slushie.

With Tokyo 2020 on many people’s radar, sake has become part of the conversation. While some people might associate the beverage with a warm liquid served at a hibachi dinner, the reality is that sake is much more nuanced that one connotation.

Sometimes referred to as rice wine, sake is a fermented rice beverage. While that description is general, the beverage comes in many variations. Just like there are many types of wine, the same can be said of sake. Even within certain types, there are numerous variations.

Generally, a better sake is usually served chilled. It can be paired with a variety of foods or drunk on its own. But, like any alcoholic beverage, care should be taken to not to over indulge. It is better to sip and savor versus miss the nuances of the sake in the glass.

What is a sake slushie?

Recently during a Tozai Sake tasting event, the brand introduced the idea of a sake slushie. While no blender was needed, this idea seems like a perfect choice for hot summer nights. For people cannot get enough of that frose, this beverage option is a lovely diversion.

sake slushie
Tozai sake, photo provided by Tozai /

The concept of sake slushie is quite simple. The Tozai Snow Maiden sake is available in a single serving can. Freezing the can overnight gives the beverage a slushie like texture. It can be drunk straight from the can or poured into a glass.

The Snow Maiden sake has a creamy texture which lends itself to the slushie texture. While the sake is dry, the fruity aromas invite that first sip. More importantly, the vibrancy brings drinkers back for more and more.

During the event, the Tozai team suggested a twist on the sake slushie with the Matcha Maiden. This cocktail uses a frozen Snow Maiden, a touch of matcha and a little agave. Since this cocktail is adaptable to flavor preferences (more or less of the matcha and agave), it invites drinkers’ creativity. Instead of that sugary frozen beverage, this choice is a great option.

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Are you ready to discover a sake slushie? How do you enjoy drinking sake?