Tic Tac launches into space and transmits refreshing messages

Tic Tac in Space, photo provide by Tic Tac
Tic Tac in Space, photo provide by Tic Tac /

Did you know that Tic Tac was launched the same year that man landed on the moon? While that 1969 event might have changed history, it begs the question, are Tic Tac and outer space forever connected? Sure, that infamous mint has an iconic shape, but could there be more hiding under those 100 layers?

Space and space travel has become a hot topic. While a select few have seen the Earth from the ultimate angle, the reality is that space might not be as unknown as it once was. With more and more information becoming available, people are beginning to appreciate that there could be other life outside of the planet that we call home.

Although people can debate UFO sightings, those reference of “Tic Tac” like shapes in the sky have been many. As seen in that de-classified footage, Navy Lt. Commander Alex Dietrich saw that iconic mint shaped sighting in the sky.

From that sighting in 2004 to other recent sightings, the reality is that there are things that cannot be explained. While little green men may or may not be making crop circles in a field isn’t the point. Space may not be the big black void.

On August 4, Tic Tac will be launching its mints to outer space. With the help of Sent into Space, some packs will orbit the Earth. While some people believe that a trip outside of the atmosphere can change people, these mints could be a refreshing connection to others outside of our realm.

As Noah Szporn, Senior Vice President, Ferrero Sugar Confections North America. “Our fans have been so receptive and excited by the UFO connection, especially in the last few months, that it seemed fitting to send our own Tic Tac vessel into space containing the universal mints while displaying their personal words into the galaxy.”

If you would like to share your message with the brand so that it can be shared on this space, compose something special and share it with the brand via Twitter @tictacusa, Instagram @tictacusa or Facebook @TicTacUSA. The messages will be shared via a scrolling ticker-tape board on the space bound vessel. The opportunity is available through August 1.

As rockets lift off more and more frequently, that desire to dream big and bigger continues to expand. One of the greatest adventures is becoming within more people’s grasp. Just maybe there will be someone waiting beyond the Earth’s atmosphere to greet us.

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What do you think of this space connection? What would message would you share to the space universe?