Gordon Ramsay Uncharted Finland preview: Summer in Lapland

Finland - Gordon Ramsay during the final cook in Finland. (Credit: National Geographic/Justin Mandel)
Finland - Gordon Ramsay during the final cook in Finland. (Credit: National Geographic/Justin Mandel) /

Gordon Ramsay Uncharted Finland is the finale of Season 3. While Finnish cuisine is rooted in tradition, Gordon Ramsay might have to embrace some uncomfortable moments along the way. Could this last stop on the food travel bucket list be the best culinary adventure yet?

According to Nat Geo, Gordon Ramsay Uncharted Finland features the following:

"Chef Ramsay explores the land of the midnight sun and the sprawling wetlands of Lapland in Northern Finland, at the height of summer to learn its culinary secrets. He plays swamp football, navigates fierce rapids in a raft, fishes for white fish and cooks in a sauna. After sampling tar and ant’s urine and foraging in swamps, he goes head to head against Michelin rated chef, Kim Mikkola, to prepare a riverside feast."

While previous Gordon Ramsay Uncharted seasons had the celebrated chef eat some unusual food, this season has been a little more tame. But, Finland seems to push the envelope a little more. Hopefully one of these beverages is the next great food trend.

Although the final dinner is always a culinary feast, this particular episode should be quite creative. Kim Mikkola has a stellar culinary career. While his current restaurant, Inari, is highly regarded, he has worked at Noma as well as other culinary greats. To say that Ramsay will need to be on top of his game is an understatement.

As the final episode of Season 3, this exploration of Finland and its cuisine should end the season on a high note. Even if home cooks cannot smoke their own fish or source some of these ingredients, the reality is that there are various cooking techniques that any cook can use.

Ready to watch Gordon Ramsay Uncharted Finland, the Season 3 finale? Here’s how.

Date: Sunday, August 1, 2021

Start Time: 9 p.m. ET

Episode: “Finland”

TV Channel: National Geographic Channel

Live Stream: Watch live on Fubo TV. Sign up now for a free seven-day trial. You can also watch on National Geographic’s website or app.

Gordon Ramsay Uncharted will air on National Geographic Channel on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.