PRESS and Emily Henderson share simple suggestions for the perfect seltzer garden

Emily Henderson for PRESS, photo provided PRESS
Emily Henderson for PRESS, photo provided PRESS /

Opening the door to the perfect seltzer garden could be the most inviting space to enjoy a PRESS Seltzer. With the help of design maven Emily Henderson, anyone can create a stylish spot for everyone to enjoy.

The hard seltzer conversation is still buzzing. While beverage trends continually evolve, the reality is that people are looking for special flavors to satisfy a craving.

PRESS Seltzer takes a different approach to its flavors. The women led and driven brand focuses on culinary flavor profiles. By using natural ingredients and creative flavor combinations, the lower ABV hard seltzer makes a big impression without shouting. It is the brand that proves being understated leaves a lasting impression.

Available in eight flavors, the combinations are different from other brands. From apple cinnamon to lingonberry elderflower, these beverages sound more like an element from a delicious dish. More importantly, they lend themselves to a conversation on creativity.

Recently, PRESS Seltzer partnered with Emily Henderson to offer some suggestions on creating the perfect seltzer garden. Since more and more people are embracing their outdoor entertaining spaces, it is time to transform those areas in approachable ways.

During a recent conversation with Henderson, she shared that her approach to the outdoor space is similar to the ideas that she uses for indoor spaces. For her, it is about “creating a space that invites conversation.” From defining the space with things like lights, rugs, etc. to creating that welcoming ambiance, all the elements come together in balance.

Just like certain elements in a house invite conversation, Henderson believes that similar ideas apply outside. And, some items can go indoor to outdoor. Although no one is moving the living couch to the grass, other elements can work. From re-thinking the serving containers to setting the tablescape, there are many ways to re-purpose items instead of buying new.

For example, Henderson recommended using bowls and buckets to hold chilled cans of PRESS Seltzer or just bringing dishes from inside to outside, it is about being thoughtful. No one is saying that the wedding china is going a backyard barbecue, but paper plates can get an upgrade.

And, the little touches can make the whole experience even more enjoyable. For example, Henderson shared that cocktail garnishes can be that wow element. She garnished the Blackberry Hibiscus PRESS Seltzer with a real hibiscus flower.

That little garnish hits all the senses. And, PRESS Seltzer flavors lend themselves to that type of creativity. Whether it is a sprig of an herb or a floral element, the effort will be appreciated by all the guests.

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From the height of summer to the crisp days of fall, the perfect seltzer garden is no longer a secret. With some advice from Emily Henderson and a PRESS Seltzer, everyone is ready to toast the good life.