Adventurous snackers crave Doritos Tangy Ranch and Tangy Pickle

Doritos Tangy Pickle, photo provided by Doritos
Doritos Tangy Pickle, photo provided by Doritos /

Move over Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch, Doritos Tangy Ranch and Doritos Tangy Pickle are here. For snack fans who love big, bold flavors, these new Doritos offerings are a must try. Ready to grab a bag?

Doritos continues to push flavor boundaries. Recently, the flavor trends were focusing on spicy. From the XXL Flamin’ Hot to extreme heat, the spice factor was on the highest level.

With these two new snacks joining the line-up, the flavors are less about the burn and more about the savory. In many ways, it changes the conversation and might start a new food trend.

According to Frito-Lay, Doritos Tangy Ranch highlights the “savory tastes of ranch seasoning.” While there is that nod to the familiar, there is a little nuance of something new. That little boost of flavor will make snack fans come back for bag after bag.

The Doritos Tangy Ranch is available now both in stores and on

Since pickle flavors continue to soar in popularity, it makes sense that Frito-Lay would bring back Doritos Tangy Pickle, last year’s viral hit is back. That dill pickle flavor is boosted with seasonings.

With this flavor, it is perfect for backyard barbecues. If foodies haven’t put this snack on a hamburger, it is a taste combination that is a must try.

The Doritos Tangy Pickle will hit store shelves on August 9 and will be available online as well.

Doritos Tangy Ranch and Doritos Tangy Pickle
Doritos Tangy Pickle, photo provided by Doritos /

And, the biggest snack fans will want to enter a special social contest starting August 9. Entries via Instagram can get a chance to win a limited-edition branded boombox kit. This amazing prize will make someone the envy of all their friends.

What other new Doritos flavors are ending the summer on a high note?

According to Sam’s Club, Doritos Twisted Lime Chips are back exclusively at Sam’s Club. This special flavor was released last year and had a huge response. Now, they’ve returned.

If you didn’t get a chance to try these Doritos Twisted Lime Chips last year, the flavor is zesty. The lime definitely is present but there is a little zip to that brightness.

The Doritos Twisted Lime Chips will be available exclusively at Sam’s Clubs starting in mid-August.

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What do you think will be the next Doritos flavor for fall? Do you think that some unique flavor combinations could be on the horizon?