New Famous Amos cookies add a stamp to the flavor passport

New Famous Amos Coconut Cookies, photo provided by Famous Amos
New Famous Amos Coconut Cookies, photo provided by Famous Amos /

Craving a flavor trip? The new Famous Amos cookies take that All-American chocolate chip cookie and head around the globe to elevate that bite-sized treat. These new recipes and premium ingredients prove that even a classic can get a special makeover.

When brands change their recipes, fans can have various reactions. While that classic taste brings back memories, sometimes a few tweaks can highlight those favorite flavors even more.

With the new Famous Amos cookies, the three recipes take ingredients from around the globe and blend them with the classic cookie that people love. Although the brand wants to shake things up, it never loses sight of what made it special.

According to Rachna Patel, Senior Director, Distinctive Brands at Ferrara, “We heard from our fans that quality ingredients are most important to them, so we’re relaunching Famous Amos cookies with this in mind. We selected the best ingredients from around the world for our three new globally inspired flavors and we can’t wait for everyone to try them.”

What are the new Famous Amos cookies?

The three new Famous Amos cookies are Belgian Chocolate Chips, Philippine Coconut and White Chocolate Chips, and Mediterranean Hazelnut and Chocolate Chips. Looking at these three flavors, the Belgian Chocolate Chips could push the chocolate chip cookie conversation in a new way. Sometimes people forget how important the chocolate chips are to the flavor of a cookie. Without a great chocolate, the cookie can fall flat.

The most interesting flavor is the Philippine Coconut and White Chocolate Chips. Although this cookie could be a little sweet, the coconut flavor will be the highlight. It is a lovely example of letting a premium ingredient shine.

While the Famous Amos Wonders From the World launched with three flavors, it begs the question could this line expand in the future. Since global flavors are vast and varied, this cookie line has a plethora of flavors to explore. It might be nice to see some South American or even African flavors added to the mix.

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The new Famous Amos Wonders From the World will be sold in 7 oz bags and have a suggested retail price of $4.49.

What do you think of these new Famous Amos cookies? Are you wanting to buy a bag or two?