New OREO Café offers over 200 Twist Your OREO combinations

OREO Cafe, photo provided by OREO
OREO Cafe, photo provided by OREO /

The iconic sandwich cookie always has its playful side, and the new OREO Café gives guests the ultimate OREO experience. This immersive, personalized experience is a first for the popular cookie. The indulgent desserts are just a taste of the fun to be enjoyed.

The new OREO Café is located at the American Dream in New Jersey. On the third floor of the IT’SUGAR store, the café features all types of sweet treats. More importantly, the café allows guests to customize offerings to ensure that one of a kind experience.

The café menu has a variety of offerings. From desserts to drinks, those classic cookie and cream flavors come through in every bite and sip. From a brownie sundae to an OREO influenced smoothie, it can be hard to pick just a few menu items to try first.

One of the most interesting aspects of the OREO Café is the “Twist Your OREO” Treats. Guests can pick a base, (like waffles, ice cream sandwiches, cones or milkshake). Then, everyone can pick various OREO inspired toppings. With all the options, there are over 200 possible combinations.

Pre-Grand Opening of OREO Cafe at It’s Sugar in the American Dream Mall, East Rutherford, NJ, Monday, July 26, 2021. (Tom Briglia/Feature Photo Service) /

The OREO Café is open now. For more information on the menu, operating hours and more, please visit or OREO’s website for details and even to buy special café merchandise.

Is the new OREO Café part of a bigger food trend?

As the new OREO Café opens its doors, it seems to follow a bigger trend of brands opening their own stores and restaurants. Just like food fashion is taking over people’s closets, people want to see how their favorite foods can be transformed into a bigger, more immersive experience.

The M&Ms Stores have been one of the first groups to maximize this idea. Especially given the recent store redesigns, the idea is to give fans a more meaningful experience. It is more than just being able to buy a container of candy or a shirt, it is about fostering that strong connection with a favorite food.

Hershey has leveraged both its stores and even its theme park. The announcement of the new Pepsi Pop Star at the theme park brings together two brands for the immersive experience.

While many people will be excited for this new OREO Café, the reality is that more announcements might be coming sooner versus later. The connection between people’s favorite food and themselves is strong and only getting stronger.

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Are you excited to visit the new OREO Café? What other food brands do you think should have their own restaurant-like experience?