Roy Choi uses Broken Bread Season 2 to address the changing food movement

Broken Bread Season 2 with Roy Choi on Tastemade, photo provided by Tastemade
Broken Bread Season 2 with Roy Choi on Tastemade, photo provided by Tastemade /

When Roy Choi brings people to the table, the conversation is as flavorful as the food on the plate. In a recent announcement, Broken Bread Season 2 has begun filming. While the premiere date will be in the future, this food television show is more than just exploring an uncharted cuisine. It is fostering that connection among everyone.

As seen in the first season, this food television show tells the stories behind the food. While the triumphant moments are celebrated, the journey to get to those moments is vital. More importantly, the show navigates a direction to a more fruitful future.

Chef Roy Choi said, “I look forward to continuing our journey into how people, from the ground up, are changing the injustices of the world around them and defining their new existence through change, while also redefining the food world as we know it. Given the incredible conversations and truths that I was lucky enough to be a part of in season one, I know it’s time to go even deeper and that’s where season two will begin.”

While each episode tackles a different topic, the impact on marginalized communities is the driving theme. From the role of urban agriculture as it related to land ownership to using food to fight gentrification, the issues are far the typical conversation heard on food television but they impact the food that people eat every day. In many ways, the connection between food and community is more far reaching than people realize.

Even though restaurants and food leaders are the ones bringing the topics to the table, this program is more than an enticement to make a reservation. While support of the fledgling restaurant community should never waiver, the reality is that a one size fits all model does not work.

As more and more people realize, the local community thrives when people work together to succeed. Through these inspiring stories, more people can appreciate that hope is within anyone’s grasp, but they have to believe in the possible.

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Broken Bread Season 2 with Chef Roy Choi will air on Tastemade. An exact premiere date has yet to be announced.