RX Cereal only puts the good stuff into the cereal bowl

RX Cereal, photo provided by RXBAR
RX Cereal, photo provided by RXBAR /

While RXBAR is many people’s grab and go food choice, the new RX Cereal is changing the conversation about the food in the cereal bowl. With its no “B.S.” approach, the reality is that this new food offering will spark a conversation on the better way to start the day. Which new cereal flavor will you try first?

Cereal is and will always be a breakfast staple. Putting aside the type of milk in the bowl or even the size of the spoon, there is something traditional about enjoying a bowl of cereal at the breakfast table.

Even though cereal is not limited to just a morning routine, there is something new yet nostalgic about that food. From the Saturday morning cartoon watching companion for some older parents to the brightly colored cereal box with familiar friends, cereal will always be part of the conversation.

At the same time, cereal trends evolve. Just like food trends have embraced the plant-based food conversation, so has cereal. Without being limited to a “healthy eating” label, the reality is that balance is always part of the food conversation.

How is RX Cereal different from other cereals on the shelf?

According to RXBAR, the new RX Cereal focuses on the good stuff. Just like those classic bars put the ingredients front and center on the label, the cereal does the same thing. And, if the cereal flavors sound familiar, there is a reason why.

As Jason Moraff, VP of Marketing at RXBAR, said, “We’re strong believers in taking an honest, straightforward approach to food and using simple ingredients and protein to help fans fuel their day. That’s why we created RX Cereal, to bring that approach to a category that needs more wholesome, convenient options that not only taste amazing but are made with real ingredients people recognize.”

Each RX Cereal flavor contains between 11-12 grams of plant-based protein. The flavors are Chocolate Almond, Vanilla Almond, and Strawberry. The various options satisfy almost any craving. From decadent and rich to fresh and fruity, it is a tasty way to start the say.

While each flavor is delightful on its own, the flavors lend themselves to tasty combinations. From Vanilla Almond and Strawberry to Chocolate and Strawberry to even combining all three in one bowl, the options are many.

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The RX Cereal is currently available at Walmart and on the RXBAR website. Additional location may be available later this year.