French’s Mustard Buns raise the bar on bringing bold flavors to the table

French's Mustard Buns, photo provided French's
French's Mustard Buns, photo provided French's /

A tasty food idea game changer, French’s Mustard Buns are here. Now, that hot dog, sausage or even burger is getting even more mustard goodness in each and every bite.

French’s Mustard is an iconic condiment. For over 115 years, the brand has been topping hot dogs, burgers, sandwiches and more. That tangy flavor brightens every bite. For some food choices, a bite is not complete without that taste of mustard.

On this National Mustard Day, that tangy flavor is getting an update with French’s Mustard Buns. The collaboration with Piantedosi Baking Company puts that French’s Classic Yellow Mustard into the bun itself.

Jill Pratt, Chief Marketing Excellence Officer for McCormick. “Year after year, we look forward to raising the French’s flag in celebration of National Mustard Day, by introducing exciting new ways to enjoy the bright, tangy taste of mustard.” In some ways, these mustard buns might start a new trend throughout both the condiment and bakery aisles.

According to Carmine Piantedosi, Operations Manager, 4th Generation and Owner at Piantedosi Baking Company, the idea is straightfoward. “Mixing the bold flavor of their Classic Yellow Mustard and our innovative baking process, we developed a truly unique bread formula for National Mustard Day. We’re thrilled to have thousands of people across the country taste the awesome buns that we created!”

While many people will be craving a taste of these special Mustard Buns, they will not be sold in stores. But, starting on August 7, the special mustard marvel will be available at select baseball stadiums and other well-known landmarks.

French's Mustard Buns locations
French’s Mustard Buns, photo provided French’s /

French’s Mustard Bun locations include the following:

August 7, National Mustard Day (free pop-ups, starting 12PM local time, while supplies last):

  • The Hot Dog King (New York, NY) – free, hot dog cart outside of The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • The Lodge (Chicago, IL) – free, hot dog cart in front of the tavern
  • Pier Burger (Santa Monica, CA)– free, hot dog cart on the Santa Monica Pier

August 7, National Mustard Day (with stadium concession hot dog purchase, while supplies last):

  • Yankee Stadium (New York, NY) – with purchase of hot dog, from Section 110 Concession during Yankees 1:05 p.m. home game
  • Camden Yards (Baltimore, MD) – with purchase of hot dog from Camden Franks Concession (lower level, Eutaw Street) during Orioles 7:05 p.m. game against Rays

Saturday, August 14 (free pop-up, starting 12PM local time, while supplies last):

  • The Best Sausage Company (Boston, MA) – free, hot dog cart outside of Fenway Park
Where can you find French's Mustard Buns,
French’s Mustard Buns, photo provided French’s /

Could French’s Mustard Buns eventually be sold in stores?

While the French’s Mustard Buns are part of a special celebration for National Mustard Day, it begs the question, why couldn’t this food find be sold in stores? Earlier this summer, Walmart launched a sriracha enhanced bun. Isn’t there a market for a mustard bun?

Putting aside the business aspect of brand partnerships, the concept of using a condiment to flavor a bun seems like a food that many people would want. Sometimes the condiment gets absorbed into the bun, no one likes a bite without that condiment flavor and condiment spillage is never a good look. This type of bun seems to be the perfect solution.

Even thinking about these French’s Mustard Buns, the food pairings are more than just that classic hot dog or sausage. From chicken to pulled pork to even a plant-based food offering, the options are almost limitless.

While this offering is just a special event, the response could have many brands thinking ahead. Maybe next year’s summer barbecue will feature condiments not just on the table but also in the bun.

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What do you think of the French’s Mustard Buns? Do you think that this grain of a mustard seed has great potential?