There’s only one place where you can buy Baby Yoda Chicken Nuggets

Baby Yoda Chicken Nuggets, photo provided by Sam's Club
Baby Yoda Chicken Nuggets, photo provided by Sam's Club /

Do you need the force to get kids to eat dinner? These Baby Yoda Chicken Nuggets from Cartwheel Kitchen will turn any meal time experience into a fun one. But, do you know the place where you can buy these Star Wars treats?

The old phrase, membership has its privileges applies because the Baby Yoda Chicken Nuggets are only available at Sam’s Club. This exclusive food offering has been spotted on warehouse shelves. As snapped by @samsclubsmembers on Instagram, the bag of chicken nuggets was found in Gardena, California.

According to the Sam’s Club website, a 4-pound bag of the frozen nuggets retails for $12.98. It is unclear whether this item is available in all warehouses, but it is best to check with the local retailers.

These Baby Yoda Chicken Nuggets look like The Child, according to the packaging. Of course, the shapes may vary but the idea is to bring that iconic look to the table.

For parents, these types of themed food choices can make mealtime easier. Even if the kids can debate on which condiment is Star Wars approved or how many nuggets have to be eaten in order to get dessert, the reality is that food should be fun. A special shape to a chicken nugget can make meal time less stressful, especially as kids head back to school.

Are Baby Yoda Chicken Nuggets the only Star Wars food on the table?

While a visit to the Galaxy’s Edge might not in the cards every day, the reality is that there are many ways to bring Star Wars food to the table. Beyond searching Pinterest for the perfect dessert or beverage, many brands have offered The Child themed items.

From Baby Yoda cheesy tots to cereals to fruit roll-ups, the shelves have seen many themed foods. While some items may no longer be available, the reality is that these items sparked fun at the table. Those magical moments aren’t limited to just the time spent in a galaxy far, far away.

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What do you think of these Baby Yoda Chicken Nuggets? Will your kids be begging for a bag?