Elysian Brewing IPAs beers are out of this world hoppy enjoyment

Elysian Brewing celebrates 25 years, photo provided by Elysian Brewing
Elysian Brewing celebrates 25 years, photo provided by Elysian Brewing /

While its first beer might have been a wise success, many of the Elysian Brewing IPAs have left a lasting legacy on the beer industry. From year round favorites to sensational seasonal offerings, the reality is that for the IPA fan, there is always another bottle to be poured into the pint glass.

Celebrating 25 years, Elysian Brewing has balanced innovative beers, creative packaging and an attention to detail that deserves its many accolades. While now under of the Anheuser-Busch umbrella, the popular beer brand hasn’t lost sight of the creativity that drove its initial success.

Even if beer drinkers might not remember the exact name of each offering, the eye-catching labels stand out on the shelf. That celebration of the art on the label is an invitation to enjoy the beer inside the bottle or the can. Although that beer may not always be sessionable, it is a beer drinking experience that is always enjoyable.

What are some famous Elysian Brewing IPAs?

Although the first beer that brought Elysian Brewing recognition, Wise ESB, an extra special bitter, was not an IPA, many of the beers in its line-up are IPAs. Looking at the brand’s current selection, more than half are IPAs, but the styles vary.

In some ways, that variety shows the versatility of the IPA beer style. While the hoppiness is often the most known characteristic, the reality is that there are many layers of flavors woven into that sip. If that beer is just hoppy, the brewer is doing something wrong.

Currently, Elysian Brewing is celebrating Space Dust. As some people consider it out of this world, it is a big beer. At an 8.2 ABV, this is a beer that is meant more as a dinner companion than multiples at the beach. While the Space Coast is ready to crack one open every time a rocket launches from Cape Canaveral, you do not have to have a rocket in the backyard to enjoy one.

The most enjoyable part of Space Dust is balance between the bitterness and the fruit notes. With a little mango and a touch of orange, one can will make you contemplate booking that trip to the great unknown.

In addition to Space Dust, Elysian Brewing IPAs include a whole line of “Contact” IPAs. Building on the success of the Contact Haze, a hazy IPA, that theme continued with both Full Contact and Altered Contact. While all three beers are unique, there is a thread that ties them all together. If you are prepared to submit to that first sip, a journey through the experience is quite enjoyable.

For beer drinkers who are looking to take the IPA in a different direction, the limited edition celebratory Cake Topper Brut IPA was the beer of the summer wedding season. Instead of popping another bottle of bubbles, this sweeter beer was creamy and had that sweet cake-like flavor. Although no one needed a fork or wanted that can smooshed in their face, it was an interesting take on a sweeter IPA. Just maybe, this idea could influence some pumpkin cheesecake offerings for the fall.

While the Cake Topper Brut IPA appealed to a specific audience, there are many year round beers that deserve to be chilling in the fridge. From the Immortal IPA that wields its power with a deft hand to the Dayglow that begs you to never look away, there is a beer that pushes beer drinkers beyond their comfort zone or a stale beer that has lost its punch.

If you are ready to ditch the light lager, consider pouring some Elysian Brewing IPAs. It isn’t an invitation to the dark side but it is a conversation worth having.

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